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Improving clinical processes in the Cath & EP Labs

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Westchester Medical Center Health Network (WMCHealth) has provided exemplary care for decades but was looking to make additional performance improvements in their Cath & EP Labs. Philips shared our patient-focused, end-to-end approach and experience flow mapping methodology which identifies issues and provides a visual representation of possible future-state scenarios.

A WMCHealth-Philips project team was established to ensure strong collaboration and trust.

"Together, we are working with Philips to keep the Hudson Valley healthy through a model that supports innovation and transformation in a value-driven environment.”

- Michael D. Israel, President and CEO

Westchester Medical Center Health Network

Reduced Cath Lab wait times and earlier first-case starts

cath lab performance
cath lab performance2
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Our approach

As always, we took a collaborative approach with the WMCHealth engagement to enable meaningful and sustainable healthcare transformation. The WMCHealth-Philips project team agreed goals, scope, deliverables, timelines, and measurements of success.


Stakeholder input was gathered from clinical and other staff as well as patients and families to provide a comprehensive understanding of WMCHealth’s unique situation and improvement opportunities.

The Solution


Our consulting team analyzed the current operational processes via data analytics, industry expertise, and benchmarking as well as stakeholder interviews, workshops, and observation. They visually summarized the analysis and opportunities for improvement with experience flow maps.


Change initiative recommendations covered pre-admissions testing processes, pre-Cath Lab processes, and scheduling guidelines. Facility upgrades, new scheduling technology, more flexible nurse staffing, and a dedicated resource for supply management and data analysis were also recommended.

Room Utilization
Procedures by Physician Mix
Room Utilization graph
Room Utilization graph

TransformAnaltyics Dashboards


The Philips team also created a cloud-based performance dashboard – based on Philips TransformAnalytics - for visualization of case volumes by type, by room, and by physician.


The WMCHealth team has been using the new dashboard to identify areas of concern and track performance.

TransformAnaltyics Application Dashboards



The project team agreed final recommendations and an implementation plan was presented to and approved by management.


As a result of the implemented recommendations, WMCHealth has:


  • Reduced patient wait times by 20%
  • Attained earlier first-case starts
  • Increased utilization of their Cath and EP labs
  • Enhanced the patient experience and staff satisfaction

Reduced Cath Lab wait times and earlier first-case starts

cath lab performance
cath lab performance2
cl image
* Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.
Westchester medical center

Meet our team

Mel Allen

Mel Allen, JD, MBA, FACHE

Principal and Practice Operations Lead

Mel brings decades of experience in healthcare management with expertise in radiology, cardiology, oncology, hospital performance improvement, and health law. He helps clients improve operational performance and enhance the patient experience.

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