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Optimizing imaging department workflow to prepare for growth at Rochester General Hospital

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Imaging Performance Improvement Consulting helps improve operational efficiency to prepare for expansion 


The Invasive Imaging department at Rochester General Hospital (RGH) in Rochester, NY was challenged with growing volume, which required identifying opportunities for improvement to meet increasing demand. It was also planning a service line expansion.


RGH asked Philips Imaging Performance Consulting to conduct an assessment to achieve a baseline understanding of current operations to assess and better design the future workflow with a focus on enhancing patient/staff experience and efficiency, so overall operations could be improved.


As a result of the assessment recommendations, Rochester General Hospital was able to: 


  • Increased first case on-time starts
  • Improved pre-procedure workflow
  • Custom analytics dashboard
rgh results
“Philips provided a comprehensive performance improvement assessment and roadmap that has enabled Rochester General to implement best practices.” 

Amy Craib, Vice President of Operations,

Rochester Regional Health

Identifying opportunities for improvement to support volume growth



The Philips consulting team provided a comprehensive evaluation of the Invasive Imaging areas including: Interventional Radiology, Computed Tomography, Ultrasound, and pre/post patient care areas. The assessment included in-depth data collection and analysis, onsite observations and staff interviews, followed by root cause analysis, market trends, impact of technology, and prioritized change recommendations.


Imaging assessment methodology


For Rochester General Hospital to achieve sustainable results and position themselves for future growth, Philips consultants developed a set of recommendations based on analysis, experience and best practices. These recommendations focused on enhancing patient/staff experience and efficiency through a more seamless operational workflow.


  • Assign nurses to a specific area for the day
  • Streamline existing FTE usage 


  • Centralize hospital registration/scheduling
  • Notify patients 48 to 72 hours prior to procedure 

Invasive Imaging 

  • Move current physician/resident morning huddle 
  • Optimize pre-procedural protocol practice 


  • Mentor nursing manager
  • Establish one point of contact to drive the daily schedule 


  • Establish an operational steering committee 
  • Assess general diagnostic personnel for IR/Neuro cross training 

Computed Tomography and Ultrasound

  • Assign an additional provider to CT procedures 
  • Validate US procedural protocols with all resources/ providers 



As a result of the assessment recommendations, Rochester General Hospital was able to: 


  • Increased first case on-time starts
  • Improved pre-procedure workflow
  • Custom analytics dashboard
rgh results
RGH has prioritized and is focusing on the following initiatives:  Interdepartmental Governance Committee, KPI tracking, room turnaround time, pre-procedure workflow, and on-time starts, as they position for future expansion.
* Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.
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Mel Allen

Mel Allen, JD, MBA, FACHE

Principal and Practice Operations Lead

Mel brings decades of experience in healthcare management with expertise in radiology, cardiology, oncology, hospital performance improvement, and health law. He helps clients improve operational performance and enhance the patient experience.
Kelly Gabele

Kelly Gabele, MBA, RT

Senior Consulting Manager

Kelly brings experience and dedication in support of imaging operational efficiency, program development, and service line expansion. She has been instrumental in improving workflow and enhancing the patient and provider experience. 

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