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Philips and WellSpan York Hospital collaborate to improve patient throughput


WellSpan York Hospital administrators were aware that barriers to optimal throughput and patient experience during the hospital stay were hindering efficiency. They engaged Philips to conduct an in-depth assessment of existing processes and provide recommendations for performance improvement opportunities that were effective and sustainable.


The expectation was to make improvements on all aspects of patient flow through the hospital, from arrival, through the stay, until the patient is discharged. The goal was to manage untapped capacity, define strategies for implementation, and assure buy-in from involved stakeholders.


The results included increased process efficiency, reduced length-of-stay, and cost savings.

decreased time in maximum surge status
improvement in time from bed request to assignment
reduction in geometric mean length-of-stay supporting cost savings

Assessing the situation


Philips consultants spent several weeks reviewing existing processes. The assessment included review of hospital data, interviews with key stakeholders, observations of patient flow, departmental processes, and communications among the teams.


The consultants identified opportunities for performance improvement which were segmented into five distinct areas: patient access, patient placement, patient care facilitation, patient support, and patient discharge.


WellSpan York Hospital requested a long-term consulting engagement for help with implementation of the improvement recommendations.

Team-based approach


An experienced Philips consultant was assigned to lead the patient throughput project. Due to the complexity and scale of the project, workgroups (teams) were established focusing on capacity management, logistics, patient care facilitation, patient placement, and patient support.


Each workgroup was guided by the consultant, had its own specific set

of deliverables, and was regularly monitored by a steering committee to make certain they remained on track.


The workgroup teams were successful in achieving improvements in process efficiency, team collaboration and transparency, discharge time, and patient throughput.

The Philips consultant has done an exceptional job of helping us get on the right track. We still have some work to do to continue to sustain the progress, but we are moving in the right direction. And, the financial impact will be significant.”

Kristen O’Shea, Chief Nursing Officer,

WellSpan York Hospital

Impactful results*


The increased transparency, communication, and collaboration helped the multidisciplinary teams gain a better understanding of the bed capacity issues and how to address them across the hospital. Results of this Emergency Department Performance Improvement consulting engagement include the below:

decreased time in maximum surge status
improvement in time from bed request to assignment
reduction in geometric mean length-of-stay supporting cost savings


* Results are specific to the institution where they were obtained and may not reflect the results achievable at other institutions.

WellSpan York Hospital
WellSpan York Hospital is south central Pennsylvania’s leader in advanced specialty care. With 600 beds and more than 4,400 employees, it serves a population of 520,000+. WellSpan York Hospital is a nationally recognized teaching institution and is home to a Level 1 trauma center.

Meet our team

Beth Fuller

Beth Fuller, DNP, RN, CEN, CCRN, CFRN

Consulting Principal

Beth brings 30+ years of emergency, ICU, and critical care transport leadership in academic medical centers and community hospitals. She has helped increase efficiency and reduce cost while improving patient satisfaction and employee engagement.
Kiernen Spoonster

Kiernen Spoonster, MSN, MBA, RN

Senior Consultant

Kiernen brings over 15 years of ED and hospital management experience, with particular expertise in staff and leadership development and performance improvement. She has helped clients achieve significant operational improvements.

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