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  • Analytics dashboard helps avoid $1.3m expense at Beverly Hospital

    Customer story

    Analytics dashboard helps avoid $1.3m expense at Beverly Hospital

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  • Analytics supports improved performance

    Customer story

    Analytics supports improved performance

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Meet our team

Steve Wuench

Steve Wuench

Solution Analytics Senior Manager

Steve brings expertise in data analytics, clinical operations, informatics, project management, and administration to help hospitals identify performance improvement opportunities. He helps utilize data to improve patient flow while reducing costs. 
Becca Dobler

Becca Dobler

Consulting Manager, Analytics

Becca brings expertise in data analytics and performance improvement in clinical operations, care coordination, patient flow, and care management. She has designed tools to track project benefits, staff accountability, and length of stay reduction.
Tim Oldiges

Tim Oldiges, MBA

Senior Consultant, Analytics

Tim provides data analytics and solution development expertise, helping hospitals identify financial and operational performance improvement opportunities. His experience spans HIE, accountable care solutions, learning management systems, population health reporting, and analytics.

Providing business intelligence dashboards for data-based decisions

New analytics dashboard views for COVID-19 trends


Our custom analytic performance dashboards provide data-driven insights on patient metrics including COVID-19 specific data such as patients presenting with symptoms, confirmed diagnosis, patient origin mapping, and trends.


Analytic consultants develop custom dashboard views and provide support remotely. A link to the hospital system data is required.

Philips TransformAnalytics Performance Dashboards provide at-a-glance visibility into past and current performance and can identify areas of concern to help guide performance improvement initiatives.

Our team creates online performance dashboards and can augment existing applications to provide ongoing visualized data awareness. This enhanced data awareness helps drive business results and sustain new performance improvement initiatives into the future.


Dashboards are customized to the specific needs of a department or site and available on a subscription basis with regular data updates. Clinical and functional areas supported include the below and more:


  • Emergency Department (volume, arrival patterns, disposition)
  • Critical Care (alarms, telemetry utilization)
  • Imaging Services (wait times, room utilization)
  • Cardiovascular Services (on-time starts, wait times)
  • Patient Experience (length of stay)
  • Pharmacy
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Executive Resources (quick view across specific departments)

A data-based approach


Our consultants take a holistic approach to data research and analysis. Data is pulled from all potential resources – client system data, Philips install base, other vendor equipment when possible, public, and purchased data. We leverage various tools and methodologies to analyze the current situation, identify future-state requirements, and build applications to help support, monitor, and sustain performance improvement programs.

Philips worked with our leadership, staff, and IT teams to create a performance dashboard, customized for our needs. The daily updates provide a quick look at our performance without each team running multiple reports and the teams can dig into to their department data as needed.”

Kimberly Perryman, MMHC, RN

VP, Patient Care Services & Chief Nursing Officer Beverly Hospital, part of Beth Israel Lahey Health

Benefits of our approach:


  • Dashboards designed by data visualization experts customized to meet specific performance priorities and data availability
  • Drill-down visualizations for both at-a-glance trending and deep-dive root cause analysis
  • Deployable at enterprise or department levels
  • Daily automated emails are sent to leadership and stakeholders to identify gaps in performance and encourage continued performance improvement
  • Supports teams in managing their data, results, and performance metrics
  • Subscription-based programs are available with data expert support available


Our data scientists provide the right data, tools, and insights to support performance improvement.

Example of an ED Performance Dashboard


As part of an ED performance improvement engagement, our analytics consultants provided data insights and developed a custom performance dashboard for Beverly Hospital. The dashboard provided staff, management, and leadership at-a-glance visibility into performance metrics.


As a result of our data-driven consulting recommendations and change implementation support, Beverly Hospital’s ED achieved the below results.* Read about the project here.


  • Increased data availability, transparency, and cleanliness
  • Reduced time between bed request and inpatient bed assignment by 31%
  • Improved staffing alignment which avoided a $1.3m operational expenditure
  • Reduced time spent on collecting, analyzing, and sharing data and performance metrics

Supporting performance improvement:


Philips analytics consultants provide data guidance and support along with methodologies and tools to best collect, analyze, and leverage data and support performance improvement initiatives. Learn more about our performance improvement consulting services supported by data analytics and guidance:


* Results are specific to the institution where they were obtained and may not reflect the results achievable at other institutions.

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