Woman applying NIV ventilation mask to patient

Consumables for ventilation that balance clinical care and patient comfort

Philips has a range of hospital consumables, including noninvasive ventilation masks, high flow nasal cannula, and filters, that provide clinicians with versatility and flexibility to deliver quality patient care. 

Philips hospital consumables offerings NIV masks and cannula

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Solutions for your respiratory needs


Philips hospital consumables offer solutions that help address the complexity of ventilatory care delivery. Backed by decades of experience across respiratory care, our noninvasive ventilatory (NIV) masks, high flow nasal cannula, circuits, and filters implement features and innovations that assist with complex challenges.

Side view of male NIV patient and clinician

Balance clinical care and patient experience


Our range of noninvasive masks facilitate mask rotation efforts that can help to support optimal fit and streamline clinician mask adjustment.

NIV patient with clinician and nurse

Keeps patient comfort in mind


Philips NIV masks have a variety of comfortable, lightweight headgear options: silicone cushions, clips to help simplify fitting and reapplication, a range of mask types and sizes, and precise adjustments for fit and comfort.

NIV patient with female clinician

A range of solutions for clinicians


Philips NIV masks are easy-to-use and customizable, giving clinicians a range of options to help provide therapy solutions for a variety of patient conditions.

NIV patient with AF531 mask and clinician

Versatility and flexibility


Our mask selection includes total face, oronasal (under the nose, over the nose), nasal and pediatric masks, with various headgear options available. We also offer both reusable and single-use masks. The masks work with different elbows, which enable them to work with different circuits and provide compatibility to different ventilators.

Philips NIV Mask elbow selection

A solution to meet a variety of patient needs

Philips High Flow Nasal Cannula AC611
The Philips High Flow Nasal Cannula AC6111 provides oxygen delivery and employs the same circuit as our NIV masks to help you streamline workflow.
Philips Respironics AF531 oronasal mask
Philips Respironics AF531 is an oronasal mask that features Capstrap headgear and the CleanClip system.
Philips Respironics AF541 mask
Philips Respironics AF541 NIV mask features interchangeable under-the-nose and over-the-nose cushions to support mask rotation efforts.
Philips Respironics PerforMax
Philips Respironics PerforMax is a full face mask available in three sizes. PerforMax features snap clips for easy headgear attachment and removal, and hook and loop fasteners for secure mask placement.

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NIV patient with AF531 mask and clinician

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A comprehensive range of care solutions

NIV patient with bariatric adult mask

NIV and high flow therapy


Staying up to date on emerging applications, including noninvasive ventilation (NIV) and high flow therapy, is important.

NIV patient with V60 Plus ventilator

V60 Plus1


The V60 Plus gives care providers flexibility to address a wide variety of respiratory needs.

Clinician with Trilogy EV300

Trilogy EV300


Trilogy EV300 can support treatment in varying care spaces within the hospital – from the emergency department to the ICU.

NIV patient with AF541

Hospital respiratory patient interfaces


The Philips family of masks is designed to support noninvasive ventilation therapy.

Authorization notice for the United States


The V60 Plus, with High Flow Therapy, is a modification of the existing FDA cleared V60 Ventilator and is released in accordance with FDA’s guidance, Enforcement Policy for Ventilators and Accessories and Other Respiratory Devices During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency, Section IV Policy for Modifications to FDA-Cleared Devices, issued March 2020. The V60 Plus ventilator is not FDA cleared or approved. The AC611 High Flow Nasal Cannula is also covered under this enforcement policy guidance.

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