Neurovascular care

Neurovascular care

Neurovascular decisions are based on what you see, so see more

    Connect with an expert to learn how to enhance visibility and simplify your workflow for neurovascular procedures.

    The field of neuro intervention is changing rapidly as more diseases are treated with less invasive techniques. New devices offer new treatments, but smaller and less radio opaque devices also present new challenges when it comes to placement and treatment assessment. We offer a flexible portfolio of integrated technologies, services and accessories for diverse neurovascular treatments. You can work with the confidence that comes from using sophisticated imaging technologies and neuro options that are the result of intensive research with clinical leaders and industry pioneers in neuro interventions.

    Neuro suite - Helping you determine the best course of treatment with greater confidence

    Neuro decisions are based on what you see, so see more

    Philips Neuro suite offers a flexible portfolio of integrated technologies, services, and neuro accessories that puts you in firm control whether treating an acute stroke patient, visualizing the smallest intracranial vessels, precisely placing a flow diverter, or working slowly through a complex AVM.

    Key benefits

    Supports high-precision diagnosis and treatment of ischemic stroke.

    Enhances neuro workflow and patient handling to promote efficiency and consistency

    Elevates treatment confidence with excellent visibility at ultra low X-ray dose levels

    Seamlessly control all relevant applications from a single touch screen at table side

    Explore how our solutions can help during various procedures in the neurovascular space

    • Ischemic stroke treatment

      Ischemic stroke treatment

      Be ready to take on new challenges in ischemic stroke treatment.

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    • Cerebral aneurysm treatment

      Cerebral aneurysm treatment

      See clearly and navigate efficiently when treating cerebral aneurysms.

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    • AVM treatment

      AVM treatment

      Philips sophisticated neurovascular imaging solutions support confident planning, medical monitoring and treatment decisions for AVM interventions.

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    If you don't see, you cannot treat a patient. The Azurion brings a complete rethinking of the system"

    Prof. Laurent Spelle

    Interventional Neuroradiologist, Chairman NEURI, the Brain Vascular Centre Bicetre Hospital, Paris Sud University

    Watch the video to learn the experience of Prof Spelle and his colleagues.

    Philips Bicetre video

    Key Products of Neuro Suite

    Azurion system

    Azurion 7 B20/15

    Biplane image-guided therapy system


    This industry leading bi-plane image-guided therapy solution with one 20" frontal and one 15" lateral flat detector enhances visibility during neuro interventions like ischemic stroke and cerebral aneurysm treatment.

    Azuron flex arm

    Azurion 7C20 with FlexArm

    Image-guided therapy system


    This ceiling-mounted system provides unlimited imaging flexibility for diverse procedures and exceptional positioning freedom for medical teams.

    Smart ct


    3D visualization and measurement solution

    The SmartCT solution enriches our outstanding 3D interventional tools with step by step guidance, designed to remove barriers to acquiring 3D images in the interventional lab.

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    Discover Philips in neurosurgery


    We keep advanced image guidance during neurosurgery as easy and safe as we possibly can. Efficiently use live 2D and 3D imaging in the Hybrid OR while maintaining the flexibility you need for your preferred way of working.

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