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Redefining care delivery: Five strategies to evolve to patient-centered health

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This white paper assesses how a collaborative care ecosystem can help move the center of care away from traditional brick and mortar care settings to be closer to where people live and work. Coordinating care more effectively and integrating it with patients’ lives can potentially reduce barriers to care delivery.

Yet healthcare organizations need to continue generating fee-for-service revenues while transitioning to more value-based services aimed at keeping patients out of high-cost facilities. This paper examines five strategies to meet that goal for a variety of segments of the overall patient population:
  1. Start with good population health data and longitudinal insights
  2. Offset declining revenues by increasing access and convenience
  3. Right-size resources and costs across the care continuum
  4. Proactively engage patients
  5. Manage leakage to retain more patients
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