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Enabling faster, easier application development

Imagine being able to develop apps across the entire health continuum on a single, cloud-based platform.


The HealthSuite digital platform, supported by the Salesforce1 Platform, gives developers access to a wealth of valuable, HIPAA-compliant data on multiple health observation types.


HealthSuite simplifies the integration of data from a variety of sources, including electronic medical records (EMRs); diagnostic, imaging and monitoring equipment; and personal devices.


Accessible through a public API, it’s a platform designed to be highly scalable, with built-in privacy and data security.

Be part of the future of health

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An open eco-system designed for rapid innovation

See how our open API makes app development faster and easier, while leveraging proprietary clinical algorithms on health and behavior patterns.

Case studies


See the HealthSuite digital platform in action.


Case Studies

HealthSuite Hackathons


From left to right: Aenor Sawyer, MD, MS, Associate Director, Strategic Relations, UCSF Center for Digital Health Innovation, Hackathon Judge; Robert Chang, Team Leader; Michael Liang, Sudharsan Rangaswamy, Mei Yi Tee, Hao Gao, Jared Radin.


HealthSuite has been featured in hackathons around the world. Developers, designers and healthcare professionals have been building apps that bridge the gap between professional and personal health data across the health continuum, and bring the vision of the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform to life.


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Team 6 Analytics

Google hangout with SF Hackathon winners at SXSW


SF Hackathon winning app


2nd place runner up from team LLAP (Live Long and Prosper)

Health Crush

3rd place runner up from The Hemoglobin Trotters

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