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Community hospitals like yours are uniquely challenged to communicate the high-quality clinical care they deliver to their local constituencies. You must retain community trust in your hospital’s quality outcomes and clinical capabilities while at the same time finding creative solutions on a limited budget.


To support you, we deliver advanced clinical capabilities at an affordable price.


Our dedicated sales team brings you a range of clinical, financial and service solutions designed specifically for community hospitals. We can help you strike the critical balance between cost and clinical excellence.

"It’s tough to see people pass by our hospital when the same physician group staffs both our ER and the ER at the larger hospital they are driving to.”


CEO of Critical Access Hospital, NRHA Annual Meeting, 2015

You have new services to offer your community?


Watch and listen to a webinar on promoting your brand value in growing your service line.

WHO-TV covers new ultrasound at Clarke County Hospital


Watch and listen to the excitement the Affiniti 70 is bringing to one community and helping to provide high-quality patient care.

Finding solutions for tough challenges at your community hospital

You have tough challenges, from finding the sweet spot that balances clinical and financial health to attracting qualified staff and keeping them. Is your community aware of your services and that you're committed to their healthcare needs, every day?

Committed to community hospitals

We are a Platinum Sponsor of the National Rural Health Association (NRHA). As an industry-leading medical device company committed to community hospitals, we actively engage with hospital leaders through national NRHA conferences and state-level chapters.

Proven leadership in clinical solutions

Philips offers award-winning clinical solutions with a wide variety of technologies:


  • Philips tops international iF ranking for design with 48 awards in 2016

- Philips is now #1 in the international iF ranking for design


  • #1 service provider for 23 consecutive years in ultrasound, as rated by IMV ServiceTrak

- #1 ranking by IMV ServiceTrak for imaging system

- #1 ranking by IMV ServiceTrak for ultrasound system

- #1 ranking by IMV ServiceTrak for cardiovascular system

Wide portfolio of clinically advanced but affordable solutions

Thought leader perspectives

We are happy to provide Community Hospital News, a series of short opinion pieces that brings you industry updates and insights from your peers at other community hospitals.


The latest issue offers a framework for implementing a successful population health management program (PHM) that addresses the broader factors beyond analytics and/or diagnosing and treating disease.


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Financial and support services for your hospital

Financial solutions for community hospitals
  • Long-term leases to qualified hospitals on select medical devices
  • Periodic promotions targeting your needs
  • Innovative, long-term risk-sharing agreements
Support services for community hospitals

Right-fit service offerings tailored to community hospital needs

  • #1 in all four sections of IMV ServiceTrak 
  • Overall engineering performance 
  • Overall service performance
  • Overall phone support
  • Overall sales performance

Support services

Cost-effective solutions for advanced imaging

Our Diamond Select program exemplifies our commitment to provide you with clinically advanced solutions you can trust, at a price you can afford. Our factory-refurbished imaging systems are reliable and supported by our standard Philips service systems. Their attractive pricing allows you to afford up-to-date technology that provides enhanced, high-quality services to your patients.


Check out the Diamond Select program