Healthcare informatics

Healthcare informatics

Transforming healthcare with a trusted partner  

Meaningful technologies to help teams at healthcare’s defining moments.

Healthcare informatics

Transforming healthcare with a trusted partner  

Meaningful technologies to help teams at healthcare’s defining moments.

    We work as trusted partners to our customers, helping them to adapt to healthcare’s evolving world and to advance digital health transformation at defining moments in a patient’s journey.

    CIO’s challenges to adapt to the new normal

    A new normal article thumbnail

    A new normal is being shaped, and as your trusted partner, Philips is here to help you adapt

    CIOs, CISOs and IT departments are working furiously behind the scenes to advance healthcare’s digital transformation while supporting those on the front lines of patient care.
    Supporting business continuity thumbnail

    Supporting business continuity amid the shift to a remote diagnostic workforce

    Having teams work remotely doesn’t mean knowledge-sharing and collaboration slows down. Philips helps stimulate collaboration and facilitate the sharing of multi-disciplinary knowledge necessary to make informed care decisions.
    Improving workflows to enhance experience thumbnail

    How can hospitals improve workflows to enhance patient and staff experience?

    From improved workflow to enhanced clinical decision support, to patient follow-up, informatics can help enhance care quality, staff experience, and ultimately patient experience.
    enhancing oncologist collaboration during covid-19 thumbnail

    Enhancing Oncologist Collaboration During COVID-19

    IT leaders have the immeasurable challenge of building sound IT infrastructures that can both support collaboration internally and replicate in-hospital workflows remotely, while maintaining patient privacy.

    What are your challenges in healthcare informatics?

    Reach out, and let's start a conversation.

    “The informatics revolution has helped place patients where they belong: at the heart of the healthcare system.”

    - Calum Cunningham

    General Manager Enterprise Diagnostic Informatics

    Informed perspectives

    CIO's guide to a successful enterprise imaging strategy thumbnail

    The CIO’s guide to a successful enterprise imaging strategy

    Enterprise imaging continues to evolve with more capabilities than ever before as imaging departments strive to deliver medical imaging securely, with the right tools at the right time to the right patient.
    How enterprise imaging strategies advance healthcare's digital transformation thumbnail

    How enterprise imaging strategies advance healthcare’s digital transformation

    Healthcare organizations can future-proof their operations and advance their ability to build a holistic patient picture and streamline care delivery.
    Why being simply data-aware is no longer enough thumbnail

    Why being simply ‘data-aware’ is no longer enough

    Challenges and strategies for becoming truly ‘data-driven’ in order to optimize clinical practices and drive operational efficiencies.


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    Healthcare informatics solutions

    We partner with healthcare providers IT and clinical teams across the enterprise, helping them to produce meaningful, data-driven insights for clinical and operational decision-making, as well as to adopt innovations through the use of maturity models​ to drive digital transformation.

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