Healthcare informatics

Healthcare informatics

Illuminate a new path to precision care  

Meaningful technologies to help teams at healthcare’s defining moments.

Healthcare informatics

Illuminate a new path to precision care

Meaningful technologies to help teams at healthcare’s defining moments.

    We work as trusted partners to our customers, helping them to adapt to healthcare’s evolving world and to advance digital health transformation at defining moments in a patient’s journey.

    The unsung heroes of healthcare

    The unsung heros of healthcare transformation

    Informed perspectives from Healthcare IT leaders on digital transformation amid COVID-19.

    Leo Bodden

    Mr. Leo Bodden
    VP & Chief Technology Officer
    New York –Presbyterian Hospital

    Dmitry Kurapeev

    Dr. Dmitry Kurapeev
    Chief Information Officer
    The Almozov National Medical Research Centre

    Ronnie Ptasznik

    Dr. Ronnie Ptasznik
    Chief Medical Officer
    Monash Health

    Jacob Visser

    Dr. Jacob Visser
    Chief Medical Information Officer
    Erasmus Medical Center

    Steven Wong

    Dr. Steven Wong
    Head of Radiology
    Sengkang General Hospital

    Jacques Rossler

    Mr. Jacques Rossler
    Chief Information Officer
    UCL Saint - Luc

    Henning Schneider

    Mr. Henning Schneider
    Chief Information Officer
    Asklepios Hospital Group

    Henning Schneider

    Mr. Benedict Tan
    Chief Digital Strategy Officer

    This 6-part video series aims to be educational and celebratory of the unsung heroes who are driving digital healthcare transformation to support clinical staff on the front lines delivering care and comfort to their patients.

    Explore the video series below

    Taking healthcare everywhere

    Digitization in healthcare accelerated with the Covid-19 pandemic, pushing rapid change on health providers, staff and patients. Doctors deployed technologies such as virtual consultations within days, expanding access to healthcare. Inside the hospital, IT systems and physical infrastructure was re-designed to address emerging patient and staff needs.

    The power of efficient workflows

    The ultimate promise of healthcare is a smooth, efficient care experience for patients and staff. An efficient workflow underpins that promise. It is the difference between a good and bad patient or staff experience. It transforms the patient journey by reducing unnecessary risk and waste through standardized processes. And unites data, images and specialties to improve productivity, save time and deliver quality care.

    Barriers to streamlining workflows 

    Organizational silos, old work practices and bad processes prevent the free flow of data across the healthcare IT enterprise. This results in workflow inefficiencies that inhibit the patient experience. Our panel of health IT experts discuss how to unite data using innovative solutions to streamline workflows and illuminate a new path to precision care.

    Healthcare’s digital transformation 

    Patients and staff benefit from technology when data is compatible and IT systems speak to one another. As health IT leaders prepare for future challenges, they are weighing up the benefits of AI, the accessibility of data and the promise of precision medicine. To get there they need to understand their own digital maturity and assess their own IT priorities.

    Driving healthcare’s future forward

    Healthcare faces more digital disruption in the coming years, bringing new care models and better services online. From precision medicine to AI, powerful new integrated solutions will give patients more choice in their own health decisions. For health providers, the onset of new innovative business models will give greater reach to their services and better access to care. 

    The path to precision care

    Through precision medicine a patient’s treatment pathway can be tailored to their characteristics and needs. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies clinicians will be able to examine and interrogate only the most relevant data for each patient, enabling individualized treatments and first time right diagnosis. 

    CIO’s challenges to adapt to the new normal

    What are your challenges in healthcare informatics?

    Reach out, and let's start a conversation.

    “The informatics revolution has helped place patients where they belong: at the heart of the healthcare system.”

    - Calum Cunningham

    General Manager Enterprise Diagnostic Informatics

    Informed perspectives from Philips leaders

    CIO's guide to a successful enterprise imaging strategy thumbnail

    The CIO’s guide to a successful enterprise imaging strategy

    Enterprise imaging continues to evolve with more capabilities than ever before as imaging departments strive to deliver medical imaging securely, with the right tools at the right time to the right patient.

    How enterprise imaging strategies advance healthcare's digital transformation thumbnail

    How enterprise imaging strategies advance healthcare’s digital transformation

    Healthcare organizations can future-proof their operations and advance their ability to build a holistic patient picture and streamline care delivery.

    Why being simply data-aware is no longer enough thumbnail

    Why being simply ‘data-aware’ is no longer enough

    Challenges and strategies for becoming truly ‘data-driven’ in order to optimize clinical practices and drive operational efficiencies.


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    Healthcare informatics solutions

    We partner with healthcare providers IT and clinical teams across the enterprise, helping them to produce meaningful, data-driven insights for clinical and operational decision-making, as well as to adopt innovations through the use of maturity models​ to drive digital transformation.


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