Population insights and care management

Population insights and care management

Transforming health together

A vision for care that helps providers identify and guide patients to the right care paths, empowers patients to actively engage in their own health and wellness, and helps healthcare organizations improve costs, outcomes and care delivery—both in and outside of the hospital.

Healthcare professionals:

Discover the value of collaborative health

Juan's story: The role of digital solutions in preventing chronic disease progression

Discover the human impact of remote patient monitoring (RPM) programs in our white paper, “Juan’s Story.” Follow this patient journey to learn the value of combining innovative, plug-and-play digital solutions for health systems and their patients to help manage chronic conditions.

Martini Hospital: Personalizing care through patient reported outcomes


Case study


Martini Hospital’s motto is ‘providing the best healthcare, together.’ With the implementation of the Philips outcomes measurement platform in late 2015, it is fulfilling its motto better than ever. Its shared decision-making dashboard helps healthcare providers and patients determine the best care pathways, based on the patient’s wishes and needs, and the available treatment options.

Patient-first medicine and social determinants of health




Expanded studies and reimbursement for social determinants clinical interventions and academic advances in SDoH curriculum are bringing tangibility to its factor in patient-first medicine.

Improving health beyond the hospital




NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital has adopted an innovative population health management strategy that is helping the organization build a better healthcare system outside the hospital.

Eastside Health Network overcomes integration challenges


Case study


1,352 providers. 90 data sources. 1 PHM solution. How Eastside Health Network used better data management to take on more risk.

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A connected data-driven ecosystem enabling virtual patient care

Identify populations


Analytics tools that aggregate patient data into a single longitudinal record to identify and stratify populations by acuity and risk.

Direct to programs


Customized care planning to coordinate and navigate care across providers and networks, close care gaps and enroll patients in appropriate programs.

Engage and activate patients


Connected devices, applications and monitoring programs that increase patient engagement and access to care, and track progress over time.

Analyze outcomes


Analytics and reporting delivering retrospective and prospective insights to help optimize care, improve clinical outcomes and drive revenue.

Transform care


Change management and business consulting services that help coordinate and align care teams and workflows to ensure long-term success.

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Partnering to extend care outside the hospital


American Well's mobile telehealth services are embedded into select Philips solutions for both healthy consumers and patients with a medical need, spanning personal health and wellness, population health management and clinical programs.

Insights to help your transformation

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Population health strategy
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Building a smarter population health strategy


How an effective population health management solution is like having a ‘smart building’ that can identify who’s at risk.

Three steps
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Three steps to value-based care success


How a robust population health management platform can help you take the three key steps to value-based care success.

Care gaps
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Envisioning an improved patient journey


How a program demonstration featuring home-based monitoring, connected devices, care management and telehealth could impact the outcome of one hypothetical patient after a fall and hospital stay.