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What is population health management?

Population Health Management is the aggregation of patient data across multiple health information technology resources, the analysis of that data into a single, actionable patient record, and the actions through which care providers can improve both clinical and financial outcomes.

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How it works


Population Health Management (PHM) seeks to improve the health outcomes of a group by monitoring and identifying individual patients within that group. Typically, PHM programs use a business intelligence (BI) tool to aggregate data and provide a comprehensive clinical picture of each patient. Using that data, providers can track, and hopefully improve, clinical outcomes while lowering costs.


A best-in-class PHM program brings clinical, financial and operational data together from across the enterprise and provides actionable analytics for providers to help improve efficiency and patient care. Delivering on the vision of PHM requires a robust care management and risk stratification infrastructure, a cohesive delivery system, and a well-managed partnership network.


While data may be used individually by each hospital or practice, rarely is the same BI tool used across the continuum of care, such as inpatient, hospital outpatient and ambulatory settings. Even less common is a BI tool that integrates information on physician billing, electronic health records (EHR), medical claims, labs and pharmacies.


A successful PHM program will give real-time insights to both clinicians and administrators and help them to identify and address care gaps within the patient population. A well-developed care management program is key to better outcomes and cost savings, especially in populations with chronic disease.


Care management is a critical component of PHM, and while the objectives of care management can vary from organization to organization, they tend to revolve around improving patient self-management, improving medication management, and reducing the cost of care.

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Explore more in
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Whitepaper – Population health: A perspective on healing, continuous health and activating populations


This white paper discusses the transformation to continuous health and moving beyond sick care to true health delivery. To learn more about population health, download this free white paper.

Putting PHM to work

Philips is an industry leader in creating population health management systems that deliver measurable results. Our approach to PHM is provider-facing, cost-effective and draws on the data you already have. Contact Philips today to learn more about how PHM can help your practice.

For better health outcomes

The ultimate goal of PHM is simple: improving the quality of care while reducing costs.

Disease management

PHM helps improve care for patients with chronic and costly conditions by providing solutions that track and manage their care.

Closing care gaps

A fully-integrated BI tool helps close gaps in care by allowing organizations and physicians to have real-time access to track and address patient needs. Laboratory, billing, electronic health record and prescription data is all incorporated and providers can easily pinpoint unmet needs and gaps in data or service delivery.

Cost savings for providers

As with many advances in healthcare, population health management is a win-win. By leveraging data analytics, PHM helps improve clinical outcomes while reducing costs.

Webinar – Building a smarter population health strategy


An effective PHM solution is like having a ‘smart building’ that can identify who’s at risk.  You can keep this group from becoming high utilizers that will undermine your value-based care strategy over time. Watch this free webinar to learn more.

Webinar - BUilding a smarter population health strategy
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Contact Philips today to learn more about how Population Health Management can help your organization.

Explore population health management at Philips

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