Seamless radiology

Seamless care.
Confident diagnosis.

    Radiology professionals: 

    How will your department become more integrated to improve care?

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    Data-driven efficiency

    Improving workflows, patient throughput and scheduling with radiology informatics at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.
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    Perspectives from your peers

    University of Vermont Medical Health Network is transitioning to a new model of care delivery, where radiology supports precision medicine and enables the delivery of seamless care pathways.

    Executive insights podcast series

    Hear how digitization is supporting the drive to reduce operational costs by extracting more value from the diagnostic imaging process.

    Using Al to meet operational, clinical goals

    For healthcare leaders, the goal of operational efficiency looms large alongside the pressure to do more with the huge volumes of data they collect enterprise wide.

    Key opportunities
    to show value:

    Take control of radiology’s transformation within your health system. Explore strategies and opportunities to balance your daily competing priorities in operations, finance and technology while delivering better patient outcomes.
    Improving the radiology staff and patient experience
    Connect data and technology for efficiency and productivity
    Increase diagnostic confidence to improve patient care
    Team up for data-driven radiology practice management
    Philips's approach to the integrated & seamless radiology solutions

    Our approach to radiology is about partnering with you to solve your problems through innovation and expert guidance.

    A systems view focused on empowering the people behind the image

    Prove the value of radiology to your health system by taking a holistic view of your entire imaging service delivery. Recognize and overcome the interdependencies of not only equipment and technology, but of your staff and the patients you care for—at every stage of their journey. True value is delivered by understanding radiology’s potential as a fully integrated, interconnected experience that breaks down silos, connects data and empowers the right diagnosis and treatment decisions the first time. 
    Preparation: Engaging patients from the very start
    Many people can find it intimidating or even frightening to get an imaging scan. With patient-centric design in all our systems, your patients can expect an experience thoughtfully designed to put their comfort and peace of mind first.
    Image acquisition: Consistent scans and comfortable patients
    Less patient movement—from more comfortable patients—can have a direct impact on reducing rescans. For staff behind the image, our customizable protocols and intelligent applications help reduce variability to deliver the right image the first time.
    Interpretation: Data and images put in context
    The right image is the start, but a confident diagnosis comes from accessing the right clinical data, with meaning and in context. AI and deep learning are built into our clinical applications, shortening the path to clinical decision-making and treatment planning.
    Outcomes and follow-up: Continually improve care delivery
    With patient outcomes intrinsically linked to your productivity and financial performance, continually improving your department’s operations is critical. We provide real-time dashboards of insights into utilization, radiation dosage and more for continuous performance optimization.
    Treatment: Beyond diagnostics to shorten the treatment path
    Advanced imaging holds exciting potential for new treatment possibilities. Not only in planning and treatment simulation for radiation oncology patients, but supporting interventional specialists with image-guided therapy procedures.
    Reporting: Information sharing across people and locations
    Efficiency pressures require easy and flexible communication across all parties involved in a patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan. Providing access to the same scans from any workstation, in-and outside hospital walls, makes collaboration and follow-up seamless.

    A faster, smarter and simpler path to a confident diagnosis


    Building partnerships.
    Breaking barriers.

    We work in partnership with health systems to help drive innovation, support their financial and operational goals, and enable their transformation in a value-driven era. The result can be both operational excellence and more connected, predictive and personalized care delivery.




    See how we are seamlessly connecting people, technology and data to enable transformation in healthcare

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