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Achieving diagnostic confidence in imaging

How can we help your organization increase the confidence of your diagnosis to reduce rescans, control costs and improve your patients’ experience?

The difference between imaging and insight


For patients with complex cancers, imaging can play an important role. Even repeat scans or higher radiation dose may not detect or spot changes in the hardest-to-find cancers, and both have clear downsides in both healthcare cost and patient safety. Advanced technologies like spectral imaging can help care providers improve the confidence of their diagnosis. Patients can be more confident in their treatment plan, and in the knowledge your hospital can provide the personalized, quality care they need.



Care providers at CARTI Cancer Center rely on the Philips IQon Spectral CT to deliver multiple layers of retrospective data in a single, low-dose scan for a confident diagnosis.

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of organizations agreed with the following statement:

“IQon Spectral CT has increased my confidence in diagnosis.”


Source: TechValidate survey of 19 customers of IQon Spectral CT. Published: Jul. 13, 2017 TVID:0EB-5FB-539


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More precision. Less waste.

“When we are talking about somebody’s life and what treatment [they may receive], make no mistake about it, you do want the latest technology.”   

Dr. Donald B. Norwood, MD,

Diagnostic Radiologist, CARTI Cancer Center

Confidence in neuro oncology


Gain more confidence in diagnosing challenging brain tumors with Philips 3D APT (Amide Proton Transfer), a unique, contrast-free MR imaging method. 3D APT uses the presence of endogenous cellular proteins to produce an MR signal that directly correlates with cell proliferation, a marker of tumoral activity. 3D APT weighted (APTw) MRI at 3T provides distinct imaging features for brain tumors that can support trained medical professionals to differentiate low grade and high grade gliomas.

Spectral CT
Brain glioma diagnosis – 3D T1w TFE Brain glioma diagnosis – 3D APT

Obstacles to diagnostic confidence

See how we are innovating in every medical imaging modality to overcome these common obstacles and give radiology departments the cutting-edge tools that enable confident clinical decisions.


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How can we help your organization increase the confidence of your diagnosis to reduce rescans, control costs and improve your patients’ experience? 


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