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Improving the radiology staff and patient experience

Radiology professionals:

How will your department create strong staff satisfaction and a positive patient experience? 

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Central Valley Medical Center: Modernizing X-ray technology for a better patient experience

With combined digital radiography and nearby fluoroscopy in a single DRF unit, Central Valley Medical Center is enhancing the experience for both the staff and patient. The expert design of the ProxiDiagnost N90 improves efficiency for the staff with fast acquisition times, with more space for the patient, improving comfort levels without disrupting image resolution. 

NEW Radiology Staff Experience research: what’s wrong and how to fix it  

As part of our ongoing efforts to empower the people behind the image, we conducted a study of 254 rad techs and imaging directors. What we found were worrying levels of stress and burnout balanced by a strong commitment to patients.

KOYASU Neurosurgical Clinic (KNC): Ability to scan 3 more patients per day with Compressed SENSE

KOYASU Neurosurgical Clinic (KNC), has been able to scan over three additional MRI patients per day on average. Compressed SENSE made it possible to decrease time slot length from 20 to 15 minutes per patient without sacrificing image quality.

University of Vermont Medical Center: Driving clinical insights to help improve care

See how the team at the University of Vermont Medical Center is seeing improvements in sensitivity, volumetric resolution, and quantitative accuracy while using Philips Vereos Digital PET/CT. These advances also offer the opportunity to manage dose, reduce scan times, and accurately detect small lesions for enhanced patient care.

What’s the impact of patient stress on imaging?

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In imaging, patient anxiety about diagnostic procedures can impact the accuracy and quality of exams. In the latest episode of our Philips Imaging Connections podcast, you’ll learn about the real cost of stress in imaging – and what you can do about it.

Our approach to improving the radiology staff and patient experience

Delivering high-quality patient care is the goal of every radiology department. But the demands of the job — growing scan volumes, less time spent with patients, complex workflows — can take a toll on staff performance and the experience of the patients you care for.

Our user-centric imaging technologies and scan protocols – with intelligent applications that reduce clinical variation, and as a result, the need for re-scans – can improve staff satisfaction and positively impact your patients’ experience. Our patient-first design and immersive audio and visual experiences in the imaging suite help decrease stress, discomfort and movement during scans, and offer an added benefit of differentiating your practice – for both prospective patients and employees – in a highly competitive market.
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Applied radiology

A partnership of innovation, benefitting patients and radiology staff

We’re partnering with Phoenix Children’s hospital to create a more seamless healthcare environment, designed to help improve and advance the imaging diagnostics for their patients while lessening the burdens placed on their radiology staff.

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