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Increasing MRI throughput with more efficient scanning

Optimizing your MRI workflow with dStream


Reducing scan times and increasing productivity are important radiology goals for meeting today’s healthcare delivery demands.


dStream receive Other RF receive
Result: Improved SNR and image resolution
Result: Noisy images using identical scan parameters


Imaging that reliably produces robust and consistent images can help to optimize workflow and enhance your team’s performance. High quality images and remarkable speed are possible with our dStream digital broadband architecture.


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dStream architecture with Ingenia® 1.TS and its sophisticated coil design provides higher speed imaging for a 30% increase in throughput.

7 ways to increase your MR throughput with Philips dStream MR technology


Increase throughput with unique FlexCoverage Posterior coil that enables imaging with fewer coils.1


With the FlexCoverage Posterior coil you can obtain extended coverage. Allows positioning close to the anatomy to increase SNR. The shape and size of the flexible coil elements support a wide variety of applications, including imaging of large anatomies.


Streamline efficiency scanning with dStream through ds SENSE parallel imaging2 compared to non-SENSE methods.


Powered by dStream architecture, dS-SENSE enables higher parallel imaging factors for more speed and resolution. It includes quick, fully integrated reference scans which are planned automatically.


More options with a single click:


  • Auto coil and element selection (SmartSelect)
  • Position slices on target anatomy (SmartExam)
  • Move to isocenter and start exam (SmartStart)
  • Reduce time for patient set up (ScanWise)


Other dStream benefits include the ability to simplify safe scanning across a wide patient population (MR Conditional implants); reduce patient motion and repeat scans (In-bore), and combine multiple images into a single full-field view.

Perform exams without coil handling, or positioning with SENSE Flex Coils.

Improve productivity and workflow with Philips Utilization services.3


Philips Utilization Services will provide detailed insight into system efficiency, identify idle capacity, and offer actionable direction for continuous improvement. To help you improve workflow and advance the quality of your care.


Get faster and reduce blurring with mDixon XD.4


The mDixon XD software solution improves fat saturation and provides more images at half the time to improve workflow. With mDIxon XD software, your MR scanning is fast, sharp, “fat-free” imaging. This can expand diagnostic information by providing two contrasts in one scan.


Eliminate repetitive manual tasks with iPatient.5


iPatient is a clinical solution that puts the patient in control of personalized, patient-centric imaging. It includes important advances in dose management and workflow, designed to make every day more productive. The Philips iPatient software helps you do all of this, and more.

dStream delivers


Image clarity


You will benefit from fully digital coils that boost image quality by capturing the MR signal as close as possible to the patient.




iPatient streamlines workflow and reduces exam time, by enabling imaging with fewer, lighter coils and faster patient set up.




You will never again have to upgrade your RF receive channels. Channel independence means you can expand your coil family without channel conflicts.



  1. As much as 30% improvement in throughput. Hinged upon the unique FlexCoverage Posterior coil that provides neck-to-toe coverage without the need for any manual removal or repositioning, FlexStream enables imaging with fewer coils and reduces coil positioning and patient setup time.
  2. Internal bench test comparing dS SENSE to SENSE. Data on ‑le.
  3. Rapid workflow improvement consultancy projects based on insights from Philips Utilization. Services have shown stunning results, with productivity increases of 10% or more, drastically reducing waiting lists and improving patient services and satisfaction.
  4. Compared to the conventional 3-echo DIXON TSE techniques.
  5. Compared to Achieva.