Alice Diagnostic sleep system

Alice 6 LDe

Diagnostic sleep system

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The Alice 6 LDE system provides your busy lab with the base set of channels needed to meet AASM standards ,while allowing staff to focus more on patients and less on equipment. Use the Alice 6 LDE system to provide routine PSGs efficiently.

The essentials for routine PSGs

The essentials for routine PSGs

Alice LDE diagnostic system provides your busy lab with the base set of channels needed to meet AASM standards.
Patent-pending chin EMG technology

Patent-pending chin EMG technology for advanced monitoring

Monitor all three chin EMG inputs and select the best pair in real-time using our patent-pending chin EMG technology.
Easy-to-use, intuitive headbox

Easy-to-use, intuitive headbox

The Headbox perfectly balances a compact form factor and Easy-to-identify inputs with single port connection
Continuous impedance check

Continuous impedance check

Electrode impedance is continuously monitored and displayed for EEG, EMG and ECG during the sleep study to give the clinician real-time feedback on the quality of electrode-skin contact. The impedance values are viewable during and post-acquisition.
Integrated zRIP driver

Integrated zRIP driver

The integrated zRIP driver allows you to setup the patient faster and easier by reducing the number of connections during hook-up. There is one keyhole input that allows for quick- connect to the Headbox with just one wire and no external wiresets.
Powered by Sleepware G3 with Somnolyzer

Powered by Sleepware G3 with Somnolyzer

The Alice 6 LDx system is powered by Sleepware G3, the same software used for our other Alice family in-lab PSG and portable sleep diagnostic devices. Sleepware G3 is a robust platform with enhanced functionality to help busy sleep labs better meet their business and workflow needs, regardless of their lab size.
Omnilab Advanced +, digital integration

Omnilab Advanced +, digital integration

The direct connection of the Omnilab Advance + allows for digital integration with Alice 6, eliminating the need for channel calibrations and multiple cable connections. Omnilab Advanced +, when used with Alice 6, offers an exclusive therapy composite channel that is helpful for complex titrations. This channel automatically captures all relevant features pertaining to the settings you need to see.


Alice 6 LDE
Alice 6 LDE
Total channels
  • 31 channels
EXG channels
  • 5 EMG, 6 EEG, 2 EOG
Dedicated EMG
  • 3 channels
  • 6 EEG, 2 EOG
  • 1
Automatic chin referencing
  • Yes
  • dedicated differential pressure transducer, snore from cannula Yes
Signal resolution/bit
  • 16 bit
  • Yes
Body position
  • 1
Actimeter inputs
  • 2
light sensor
  • optional accessory
effort (chest/abdominal)
  • zRIP inductance integrated RIP driver
Aux inputs/DC inputs
  • 8
  • No
Max sampling rate
  • 2000 Hz
Max storage rate
  • 500 Hz
Pulse transit time
  • No
Electrode interface
  • Intuitive image
Digital Philips Respironics therapy device interface
  • Yes
  • capable (wired ethernet)
Bedside display
  • No
Pulse oximetry
  • Masimo
Alice 6 LDxS
Alice 6 LDxS
Internal memory/data storage
  • 60 GB hard drive
  • networked
  • integrated with video
  • 1 yr