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Illumeo, with adaptive intelligence,¹ is a new paradigm of clinically intelligent software that augments the skills of clinicians and redefines how they currently interface with images. Designed to empower radiologists and work for them, it provides the technology and tools that enhance their expertise and efficiency—all within a single workspace.

Adaptive intelligence || 1
Adaptive intelligence

Adaptive intelligence

Illumeo allows for an intelligent, tailored workflow that delivers a state of the art experience. It achieves this by recording and reproducing the user’s hanging protocols in a consistent manner. The tailored workflow experience is backed up by an intelligent engine that reads and analyzes image tags, and an image recognition system; allowing for robust hanging protocols that radiologists can rely on.
Reduced variability || 1
Reduced variability

Reduced variability

Illumeo’s adaptive intelligence assists clinicians in following best practices, which helps standardize workflow and ultimately supports reducing variability throughout the institution. The system also saves findings in a readily accessible, singular source from which radiologists can directly access current or historical findings within in one workspace.
Contextual relevance || 1
Contextual relevance

Contextual relevance

The system provides the radiologist with meaningful patient information such as patient problem list,² laboratory results, prior radiology reports, imaging orders or scanned documents obtained from health information systems, such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Radiology Imaging Systems (RIS). The system is also anatomy-aware,³ as it provides relevant tools based on what the user is looking at, helping the radiologist focus on the diagnosis.
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The Illumeo platform integrates easily within existing systems by leveraging the latest interoperability standards (such as HL7 FHIR, DICOM RESTful web service, etc.), in order to present relevant patient data. It is scalable—meaning the platform will grow with an institution as it evolves.

How are we reshaping imaging?

This intelligent solution acts as an assistant, providing technologies and tools that enhance the radiologist’s expertise. By improving their interaction with images and enabling a rich and dynamic output for referring physicians, it increases the value of the radiologist to the clinical care team.  Illumeo with adaptive intelligence, supports not just the radiologist, it plays a paradigm-shifting role in increasing the value of imaging in the healthcare system and shaping the discipline of radiology in new and exciting ways.

Illumeo is built upon four supporting pillars or concepts:

  • Contextual relevance
  • Reduced variability
  • Adaptive intelligence
  • Extensibility.
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Adaptive intelligence

See what IntelliSpace PACS and Illumeo with adaptive intelligence is all about.

Illumeo features image

Features bring it all together

Upon the foundation of contextual relevance, reduced variability, adaptive intelligence, and extensibility, Philips has developed a rich feature set which together allow Illumeo to play a paradigm-shifting role in increasing the value of imaging in the healthcare system. These features are: Patient briefing, Anatomy aware, Inspection reticle, Comparison Inspector, Quantification inspector, Semantic labelling, Findings Inspector.

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  • ¹ Adaptive intelligence features an intelligent user interface with easily accessible in-context tools and inspection modes to meet the needs of the user.
  • ² Work in progress, and currently not available for sale in the U.S.A.
  • ³ Anatomy-Aware in this version supports the launch of in-context “inspection modes,” enabling quantification on the fly when hovering over veins.