Acute Patient Management

Dynamic care demands dynamic solutions

Philips Acute Patient Management solutions
Dynamic care demands dynamic solutions

    Philips solutions for acute patient management

    Patient care doesn’t stand still. From admission through discharge, beat-to-beat and breath-to-breath, patient physiology and care settings change – while vital insights evolve.

    Philips Acute Patient Management solutions enable data to flow freely, connecting information from the past and present. Plus predictive insights provide care teams with precisely what they need to confidently fine-tune patient care to support improved outcomes.
    Read how Rush University System for Health standardized its patient management solutions.
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    Diverse care settings create complex challenges

    Optimal care requires all caregivers to work together seamlessly. But because patient conditions are complex and ever changing, coordination across care settings is complicated. When systems can’t keep up, data can be missed and consequences can be high.

    Our integrated platform of patient management solutions provides continuous surveillance, embedded data analytics, advanced interoperability and smart services to deliver clinically valuable insights to all points of care.

    Discover dynamic patient management solutions that keep pace with you.

    Continuously fine-tune care

    Continuous beat-to-beat, breath-to-breath monitoring keeps data with the patient throughout their journey, distributing critical physiological trends and insights to care teams at all points of care, helping to continuously modify care with precision for every patient.
    17 percent
    17% reduction in unplanned ICU readmissions1*
    63 percent
    63% reduction in patient transfers to the ICU at Saratoga Hospital*
    With Philips, we have the ability to capture trends and know what’s significant or just an anomaly. That’s going to drive better treatment decisions."

    -Angelique Richard, PhD, RN, CENP, Vice President for Clinical Nursing and Chief Nursing Officer, Rush University System for Health and Rush University Medical Center

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    Early deterioration detection for rapid,  appropriate intervention

    Intelligent and intuitive technology and systems work together end to end to help you predict future events.

    6X more

    likely to generate notifications to the ward surgeon1*

    60% reduction

    of in-hospital cardiac arrest1*

    100% PEWS accuracy rate

    on the pediatric surgery floor*†

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    Quickly pinpoint subtle signs of patient deterioration for proactive care.

    Secure, agile patient management ecosystems that scale easily

    We simplify integration and ease activation for every monitoring footprint. Our innovative business models and secure vendor-agnostic interoperability combined with the most widely used device integration protocol make it possible.
    Standardizing Jackson Memorial’s patient monitoring has simplified the staffing and management of our Central Monitoring Unit. It has also simplified the work required to electronically send patient data to our Electronic Medical Records system, managing the network and interfaces over time. Our partnership provides the ongoing support and proactive management we want for a life-critical capability that we rely on 24/7."*

    – David Zambrana, former CEO of Jackson Memorial Hospital and current EVP for Hospital Operations of Jackson Health System.

    1500 plus
    1500+ hospitals have adopted Philips IntelliBridge. More than 300 third-party device models from 65+ manufacturers are supported to collect, distribute and amplify critical data across the care continuum.§
    24 beds icon with patient
    In what normally takes six weeks, Northwell and Philips added 24 new ICU beds in less than 72 hours.*
    Philips helped us standardize our medical device integration infrastructure so we can have a singular system with connectivity close to 100% uptime.”

    – Thomas Goss, Clinical Integrated Applications Program Manager, Rush University Medical Center

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    Clinically optimized workflows and resilient operations

    Our clinical and operational experts help create clinically astute solutions that not only deliver results but also contribute to resilient operations and care ecosystems. We can configure our solutions and services to address your specific needs, helping you meet a range of clinical, financial and operational goals.

    13,331 potential hours saved

    through improvements from workflow changes and automation*

    Nonactionable ICU alarms

    reduced by 40% and improved patient care and staff satisfaction*

    5.5-minute decrease

    in time between surgical cases by optimizing anesthesia-related tasks*

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    *Results of customer testimonies are not predictive of results in other cases, where results may vary.

    Customer data over 7 month period in 2019 in unit 5CMC – Pediatrics Surgery.

    This data is exclusive to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.
    §Philips IntelliBridge Device Interface Library document and Philips internal sales data.

    ||Results from the automation of ECG wavestrip patient transport process, non–value-added vitals charting, equipment upgrades and workflow changes. Data was collected by time study observations with the Philips team and Jackson Health team. These numbers are estimated projected time savings.


    1. Heller AR, Mees ST, Lauterwald B, Reeps C, Koch T, Weitz J. Detection of deteriorating patients on surgical wards outside the ICU by an automated MEWS-based early warning system with paging functionality. Ann Surg. 2020;271(1):100-105. doi: 10.1097/SLA.0000000000002830