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Improve care delivery with a human-centered workflow

    Together, we can define the future of workflow

    For patients and care teams, every decision is a defining moment in the care pathway. With our human-centered design approach, we can co-create workflow solutions that address your specific needs.
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    Let’s improve operational efficiency in radiology

    We understand there are constant challenges in the care pathway.  That’s why we’re improving operational efficiency in radiology by putting humans at the center of workflow – to better recognize how you work so we can co-create innovative solutions that address your unique challenges.
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    It’s time for workflow innovation in cardiology

    Cardiac care is driven by urgency. Our systems-view approach can help cardiology teams improve critical care. Cardiac specialists need workflows and advanced diagnostic tools that bring clear insights about the patient's condition quickly and enable efficiency throughout the care pathway.
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    Let’s co-create better image-guided therapy in cardiology

    New approaches like image-guided therapy in cardiology have revolutionized the field.  That’s why Philips is partnering with health systems to push the boundaries and continue this momentum.  With innovations like the Azurion FlexArm, workflows are more efficient with a 30% reduction in table repositioning during interventional procedures*

    View our guide and see how a human-centered approach can drive workflow efficiencies

    To expand today’s capacity and capabilities to match tomorrow’s needs, health systems are embracing innovative approaches to support their workflows.

    Learn how we are defining the future of healthcare together


    Doctors with FlexArm and patient looking at screen

    When Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC) was facing an increasing volume of valve repair and replacement procedures, but also limited space, it was clear they needed a unique hybrid image-guided therapy solution.  Thanks to Philips partnership, HUMC was able to integrate the Azurion FlexArm system and improve heart team communication and procedure workflow.

    WellSpan York Hospital

    Clinician reviewing brain scans

    WellSpan York Hospital has served its community for over 100 years.  Its leaders turned to Philips Healthcare Transformation Services to help better manage untapped capacity and improve efficiency.  Philips was able to collaborate with their team to create a 74% reduction in time in maximum surge status and reduced geometric mean length of stay, supporting a $1.7 million cost savings over three months.*
    *Results are specific to the institution where they were obtained and may not reflect the results achievable at other instituions

    University of Chicago

    Doctors looking at cardiac ultrasound

    Taking cardiac ultrasounds necessary to assess a COVID-19 patient’s condition is challenging due to coughing.  With Philips innovations in ultrasound, University of Chicago Medicine was able to redefine cardiology workflows to simplify assessment of right ventricular function.  Innovations like these can reduce the number of touches of the system by 21% per exam – the equivalent of more than 400 exams per year.*
    *Based on eight scans per day over 48 weeks.

    Interested in defining the future of workflow to improve care delivery in healthcare’s defining moments?

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    Strategies for improving workflow

    To close the capacity and capabilities gap, health systems will need to:
    Improve operational efficiency, Saving time and money with process improvements automation and smart utilization of resources, Save time and money, Smart utilization of resources, Automate workflows, Improve clinical care Reducing variability and improving outcomes with enhanced decision support and accessible, standardized and integrated care, Standardized care pathways, Enhanced decision support, Integrated care
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    Philips MR Systems

    Philips MR Systems offer new levels of speed and productivity through powerful innovations like BlueSeal Technology to transition to efficient helium-free operations,   Compressed SENSE that can boost MRI times by up to 50%, and SmartWorkflow Solutions throughout to streamline the clinician and patient experience.*
    *Compared to Philips scans without Compressed SENSE
    Doctors with Azurion reviewing screen


    Philips Azurion is the next generation image-guided therapy platform that allows you to easily and confidently perform procedures with a unique user experience, helping you optimize lab performance and reduce interventional procedure time by 17%*
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    Healthcare Transformation Services

    With Philips Healthcare Transformation Services, consultants collaborate with hospital leadership and staff to assess the situation and then collaboratively develop solutions to streamline workflow efficiency and enhance the care experience.  The team uses data, design thinking, and deep technology expertise to help overcome complex challenges.
    Doctor looking at dual screens in patient’s room

    Collaboration Live for Ultrasound

    Collaboration Live for Ultrasound helps you securely access on-demand expertise for real-time guidance, decision support, and standardization of patient care.  With this solution rooted in true partnership, care teams can enhance their capacity for a more efficient ultrasound experience.
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    Philips Patient Manager

    Philips understands that one of the challenges with radiology is maintaining ongoing patient engagement from preparation through to follow-up care. That’s why we use Philips Patient Manager to help health systems streamline the experience and maintain high engagement. Through digital outreach and a customizable yet scalable approach, Philips Patient Manager has helped reduce no shows by 41%.1
    1Richter JM, Ha JB, Marx M, Campbell EJ, Pandolfi MC. “A Digital Preprocedure Instruction Program for Outpatient Colonoscopy.” Telemedicine Journal and E-Health: the Official Journal of the American Telemedicine Association. 2019.
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