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We know you need to increase your profitability and grow your business. This comes when you differentiate yourself from competitors with advanced systems that:



But how can you be sure you’re making the right equipment decision?


Our dedicated sales team for imaging centers partners with you to predict the impact an equipment solution will have on your financial performance. Our focused teams will work with you to analyze your local market and to customize a solution that will keep you competitive now and into the future. We provide a total cost of ownership analysis so that you can develop an accurate model of your financial future. We will address your cash flow needs by providing flexible financial options to enable a successful growing clinical practice.

Imaging centers
Hear about our commitment to Diagnostic Imaging Centers

Getting you the right equipment is just the start. We partner with you to implement tools for enhancing workflow and optimizing the staff and patient experience. We can even design and build custom solutions for a completely turn-key operation, ensuring your focus remains on patient care and business profitability

Total cost of ownership is more than just a price tag; it includes:


  • Operational expertise
  • On-call dedicated sales and support teams
  • Quick uptime
  • Uncompromised technical off-site and on-site training
  • Education with ongoing support for the life of your equipment
  • Guidance and refresher trainings for staff

We are more than talk: We are dedicated to your success


  • Dedicated inside and outside sales executives consulting with you to build a successful business
  • Flexible financing options enable alternative uses of capital 
  • Regional Imaging market analytics help you understand your local competitive dynamics 
  • #1 rated for customer service in all systems imaging category by IMV service trak 4 years in a row
  • Product solutions to help grow your referral base with other clinical specialties
  • Solutions to help you attract potential patients through direct to consumer marketing
  • Exclusive imaging equipment sponsor of the Radiology Business Management Association

IMV ServiceTrak™ has rated Philips #1 for customer service in the All Systems Imaging category


Why listening to the customer
is so important to Philips

RBMA 2018 Corporate Partner

Partnering for your success

Philips and RBMA are working together to provide vital education
and support for diagnostic imaging centers so you can:
  • Be more competitive in your local market
  • Have insights on local market trends
  • Understand the latest technological developments
  • Optimize workflow in your practice
  • Stay updated on what health systems value in radiology

Philips Diagnostic Imaging Business Group Leader, Kees Wesdorp, talks with RBMA about how Philips is helping imaging centers expand business

  • Empowering the people behind the image
  • Finding new groups of patients to serve
  • Getting the most value from your imaging equipment long term

People and solutions you can count on

  • Superior service support: We have been top ranked in the IMV- “All-Imaging” category for four years
  • Innovative pricing models: Best-in-class imaging systems are accessible with a variety of leasing, purchasing, and managed equipment service options
  • Expertise on your business needs: We know you need to attract physician referrals and enhance patient satisfaction by differentiating with advanced imaging technology, and we can help
  • We are in this together: We can help you provide low cost, high quality images by offering both a high level of service and advanced technology within an affordable financing option
  • Keep your customers happy: People have a choice of imaging centers; we can help them choose yours with our highly rated and unique patient calming designs
  • Exceptional commitment: Our sales team is dedicated to imaging center customers like you, with expertise that meets your needs

Cost-effective solutions for advanced imaging

Our Diamond Select program exemplifies our commitment to provide you with clinically advanced solutions you can trust, at a price you can afford. Our factory-refurbished imaging systems are reliable and supported by our standard Philips service team. Their attractive pricing allows you to afford up-to-date technology that provides enhanced high-quality services.

Saving market share with Philips Diamond Select


Business case

Saving market share with Philips Diamond Select


Making the most of your resources
Is there a difference between purchasing a 3rd party broker or Diamond Select System
offering best care

Business case

Offering best care

Building your business through increasing your referrals

To be competitive in your market,  increasing your diagnostic capability while keeping up to date with the latest technology will help maintain and grow your referral business.


Philips has the solutions, applications and performance bundles that bring added value to fulfill all your imaging needs now and into the future as you grow your business.


Learn more about our diagnostic imaging center solutions

Diagnostic imaging center solutions

  • Fluoroscopy

    With Philips Universal Radiography and Fluoroscopy systems you are ready to perform virtually any fluoroscopy examination.

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  • Ultrasound

    Explore the wide selection of ultrasound imaging systems. Learn today how Philips ultrasound machines can help you and your practice.

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  • Radiography

    Philips x-ray & fluoroscopy solutions are highly customizable. From portable x-ray equipment to complete digital X-ray rooms, we can provide a solution that fits your workflow and budget.

    Learn more
  • Magnetic Resonance

    Discover how Philips MRI systems and solutions can help you perform in many clinical circumstances. Learn more about Philips MRI technologies.

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  • Computed Tomography

    Find out how Philips Computed tomography machines and solutions utilize the diagnostic potential of CT imaging. View all CT scanners, technologies and applications.

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  • BV Pulsera Mobile C-arm

    Powerful mobile fluoroscopy system

    Learn more
  • Azurion 3 F12  Image-guided therapy system

    Elevate your interventional cardiology capabilities with the Azurion 3 with 12'' flat detector.

    Learn more
  • Advanced Molecular Imaging

    Philips Molecular Imaging is transforming care by providing low dose molecular imaging & enhanced lesion detection. Explore our nuclear imaging solutions.

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People-focused solutions for a better experience

The patient experience by the numbers

Focused on the patient and staff experience.
A patient’s story of a “comforting and reassuring” MRI experience.

Optimize and accelerate workflow; but don’t just take our word for it.

The proof is in the business case

Lahey Health collaboration

Business case
Fast robust imaging, optimized to increase patient throughput and workflow efficiency.

Making the most of your resources

Business case

Making the most of your resources

Offering best in-class care

Business case

Offering best care

Local market analytics

Business case

Local market analytics

Supporting you at every turn



Continuous clinical and equipment education to sustain physician referrals and diagnostic confidence

customer service

Customer services

Taking care of your systems so you can focus on delivering better care, to more people, at a lower cost

Financial solutions

Financial solutions

Innovative financing solutions tailored for diagnostic imaging centers

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