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More than has ever met the eye EPIQ Evolution 3.0

In today’s cardiology environment, there is pressure to implement imaging solutions that are cutting edge, without compromising workflow efficiencies, diagnosis and treatment, or patient care. Solutions are sought to enable simple, yet accurate quantification, to improve upon the quality of care and workflow within the cardiology department.


Introducing EPIQ Evolution 3.0, combining our most advanced Live 3D echo solutions with workflow simplicity and quantification enhancements. From a new Live 3D TEE and the smallest multiplane MircoTEE to our highest imaging volumes in 3D echo with premier image quality—the future of care in cardiology is here.


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Image Quality

EPIQ's overall imaging performance continues to improve across all cardiac transducers, with a big focus on pediatrics and the S8-3 transducer.

X8-2t Transducer

The next generation of Live 3D TEE is here, with an improved acoustic design that is meant to work optimally with the imaging technology of EPIQ nSIGHT imaging.

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“Truly Live” 3D Echo

From transthoracic to transesophageal echo, bring Live 3D to the forefront of your diagnostic and interventional echo research and clinical practice.
Starting in the 2D space you understand, you can seamlessly move into “truly live” 3D echo. With improved workflow transitioning between 2D modes and Live 3D to simplified cropping tools. All meaning less steps and increased efficiency when using EPIQ. From assessing Ejection Fractions to flow dynamics, Philips helps you bring Live 3D throughout your patients’ entire care cycle.
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Philips MicroTEE S8-3t transducer for imaging newborns

MicroTEE S8-3t transducer

Our smallest multi-plane compact TEE transducer. With a diameter of 5.2 mm, the MicroTEE can be used with very tiny babies (even under 3.5 kg) during cardiac catheterization and surgical procedures, as well as patients who cannot tolerate a larger TEE probe.
Now you can obtain cardiac function data in the operating suite pre- and post-surgery as well as during interventional procedures.
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Philips HeartModelA.I.

HeartModelA.I. brings advanced automated quantification, 3D views, and robust reproducibility to everyday echocardiography.

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Philips automated cardiac motion quantification four-up display

Automated cardiac motion quantification (aCMQ)

New advances in speckle bring standardization and flexibility. 
Offering alignment with the ASE/EACVI speckle taskforce recommendations for standardization of results. New flexible tools broaden the use of Automated Cardiac Motion Quantification (aCMQ) along with new workflow improvements
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Philips automated 2D cardiac motion quantification

Automated 2D cardiac quantification (a2DQ)

Automated 2D Cardiac Quantification (a2DQ) updates bring new quantification tools to analyze the LA function with a one button push; enhanced flexibility and improved border tracking bring more accurate 2D left ventricle function evaluation.


With the touch of a button, MaxVue brings full high-definition display quality to ultrasound imaging. 

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Anatomical Intelligence in Ultrasound

Anatomical Intelligence in ultrasound helps to make exams easier to perform and more reproducible.

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When it comes to medical device security, we understand the importance of securing your medical devices and protecting your patient data.

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