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Philips value's your partnership and we are always looking for new ways to help you meet the increasingly complex challenges of today’s healthcare landscape. From Spectral CT to Conventional CT to Oncology, our portfolio of imaging solutions is designed with you in mind, using smart technology to improve patient outcomes, streamline workflows and reduce the cost of care*. 


We welcome the opportunity to discuss your current environment and how upgrading to our latest innovations can support you to meet your future clinical, economic, operational and patient needs.

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Improve operational efficiencies


Our latest innovations have been designed to better facilitate technologist and radiologist workflow with always-on Spectral capabilities and our AI-enabled OnPlan gantry controls.

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Lower total cost of ownership


Our innovative technology, in combination with lifecycle programs including Right-Size Upgradability and Tube for Life guarantee**, allows your system to grow with your clinical needs and eliminates the need for expensive replacement parts. Meanwhile, improved diagnostic quality helps to reduce the cost of follow-up scans.

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Enhance clinical confidence


Our solutions use adaptive intelligence (AI) to boost diagnostic confidence and Iterative Model Reconstruction (IMR) to provide low-contrast resolution. Enabling increased diagnostic confidence has been shown to help prevent clinical burnout.1

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Provide access to the future


Knowing that you have access to the most up-to-date software, hardware and cybersecurity enhancements provides peace of mind, reduces the cost of managing obsolescence, and helps your healthcare organization stay competitive and in step with innovation.

Explore our latest innovations

Conventional CT

Conventional CT

Incisive CT
Intellect at every step

Tube for Life guarantee2 supports your investment by lowering the total cost of ownership by $420,000 over the life of the system.3


OnPlan patient-side gantry controls—which provide simplified and intuitive workflow directly from the scanner—decrease time to results by 19%.4


48% of users report workflow improvement of 7+ exams/day.5

Spectral-Detector CT

Conventional CT

IQon Spectral CT
Certainty lives in layers

Spectral results 100% of the time makes each and every scan work harder for you, helping guide the way to precision diagnosis. 


Simplified workflow helps you to achieve a confident diagnosis.


Reduces time to diagnosis by 34% and follow up scans by 25%.6

Conventional CT

Spectral CT 7500
See what you’ve been missing

Sets the new standard in cardiac care, emergency radiology, oncology, and interventional and radiation oncology.

Increases the sensitivity from 77 to 89%, and specificity for exclusion of the malignancy of the cysts from 30 to 96%, while simultaneously reducing the need for additional follow-up imaging.7


50keV Spectral images provide a 50% reduction in contrast dose.8

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Our Philips spectral-detector CT allows us to acquire conventional and spectral data in one scan, with no change in our current workflow.”

Charles White, MD

Professor of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD

Philips 2nd Annual Spectral CT and AI Virtual Summit November 10, 2021


Connect and engage with leading experts to gain valuable insights for building and expanding Spectral CT in your organization. Experience how the Philips end-to-end integrated solutions and innovations will increase your clincal and operational efficiencies.

Diagnosis iqon chest scan
Diagnosis iqon chest scan
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We love the image quality [with Incisive]. We have noticed about a 30% increase in our exams.* We are now able to compete with the larger hospitals with our scanner.”

Erika Griggs, BS, RT(R), RDMS, RDCS

Radiology Manager, Iron Country Medical Center, Pilot Knob, MO

Hear directly from customers like you

York Hospital building
Improving time to diagnosis with spectral CT at WellSpan Health

Philips spectral-detector CT helps this Northeast IDN increase accuracy and efficiency while reducing the radiation dose and cost of care over conventional CT.
Iron County
Iron County Medical Center achieved a 30% increase in scan volume with Incisive CT

Philips Incisive CT enables this rural medical center to compete with larger hospitals by offering CTA and PE scans, improved image quality and lower cost of ownership.
Ferry County
Ferry County is adding cardiac capabilities with Incisive CT

Once Philips Incisive CT is installed, they anticipate being able to perform advanced cardiac scans, greatly reduce reconstruction times and overall increase revenue.

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Spectral CT is a way to visualize tissue composition, not only attenuation, but actual tissue composition. If we can determine the amount of iodine in tissue that’s enhancing, if we can subtract the iodine, if we can manipulate fatty tissues, we really are ahead of the game in diagnosis.”

Edward Steiner, MD, FACR

Chairman of WellSpan Imaging and Radiation Oncology, York Hospital, York, Pennsylvania, USA

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IMR visual
Iterative Model Reconstruction
Industry-leading low-contrast resolution
iDose4 scan
You control the dial
O-mar scan
Metal artifact reduction for large orthopedic implants
iPatient graphic
Personalized, patient-centric imaging with you in control
Patient and doctor conversing
Ambient Experience
Improving patient experience and satisfaction via a designed environment of care.
Group of healthcare professionals
Clinical Education
Stay informed of virtual events and updates on clinical programs
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IntelliSpace Portal 11

One work environment, one advanced imaging solution

Dosewise monitor


Radiation dose management software that provides powerful radiation exposure analytics

*Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

**Tube for Life guarantee is only currently available for Incisive CT.

1. Talaee N. Stress and burnout in health care workers during COVID-19 pandemic: validation of a questionnaire, June 6, 2020. Nature Public Health Emergency Collection. https://www.ncbi.nlm.

2. Life of the product is defined by Philips as 10 years. Tube for Life guarantee availability varies by country. Please contact your local Philips sales representative for details.

3. Actual operating costs for customers vary significantly because many variables exist (such as CT make and model, hospital/imaging center size, case mix, system usage). The potential savings identified estimates the avoidance of purchasing replacement tubes over a 10-year useful life of a CT system, based on an average selling price of $140,000 per replacement tube and estimated tube life of 3 years. There can be no guarantee that all customers will achieve this result.

4. According to the definition of AI from the EU High-Level Expert Group. Based on a study performed at Oz Radiology Group, Queensland, Australia. Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

5. Based on 145 different sites across 8 different countries.

6. Spectral Detector CT: A Study Among Patients With Renal Insufficiency - CARTI.

7. Impact of spectral body imaging in patients suspected for occult cancer: a prospective study of 503 patients | SpringerLink.


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