The intelligent way to communicate with your patients

The intelligent way to communicate with your patients

    Medumo, a Philips company, enables modern communication between care providers and patients. It is your digital liaison to prepare your patients for their appointments, help them show up on-time, and follow their care plans. Transform the way you engage and educate your patients across the care continuum.

    Medumo automates patient outreach so that you can focus on caring for patients

    Delivering customizable, timely resources and information through multiple channels.*

    *Images are simulated and are being provided as an example.
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    Who we serve

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    A digital front door enabling a high quality patient experience for all outpatient visits.
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    Engage patients for all imaging modalities with dynamic, scan-specific pathways.
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    Guide patients through the perioperative and surgical settings all the way to recovery.
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    Population Health
    Encourage patients to complete timely screenings, vaccinations and overdue health maintenance.
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    Service Line
    Provide detailed turn-by-turn instructions for any healthcare encounter, from cardiac cath to colonoscopy and more.
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    Design a smart unified patient engagement strategy that can scale across the institution and across clinical domains.

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    Patient Engagement in the Post-COVID-19 World

    Wednesday, September 16, 2020
    2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT


    Hersh Goel
    Hersh V. Goel, MD, Clinical Affairs Lead,
    Integrated Patient Management,
    Kathleen Masters
    Kathleen Masters, Sr. Manager of
    Ambulatory Analytics, Boston
    Medical Center


    With over 1 million patient visits per year, Boston Medical Center (BMC) is the largest safety-net hospital in New England. Over the past decade BMC has trialed and implemented various patient engagement technologies aimed at improving patient experience and operational workflows. During this time rapid changes in the industry have prompted BMC to change courses, remain nimble, and further refine their vision of what an efficient and sustainable patient engagement model looks like. They have moved from having disparate solutions to unifying them, from prioritizing customization to configurability and scalability. No change has been more significant than the COVID-19 pandemic, which has put their strategy to the test and accelerated the move toward virtual care delivery. In this panel discussion you will learn:

    • What patient engagement is and how it fits into a holistic care delivery model 
    • How to enact a patient engagement strategy 
    • How to tailor your patient engagement strategy in the post-COVID-19 world 
    • How patient engagement can improve key performance indicators

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    Cloud based solutions that drive patient engagement

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    Automated messaging

    Communication via SMS, email, voice and paper mailings.

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    Customized outreach

    Library of best practice scripting can be tailored to your needs.

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    Scalable platform

    Cloud-based delivery that is easily extended across departments and service lines.

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    Workflow & system integration

    Simple deployment to compliment existing IT and clinical workflows and seamlessly integrates with your EMR.

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    Actionable reporting

    Dynamic reports delivered to your team to trigger interventions.

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    Supporting top healthcare institutions across 26 clinical domains

    Improving the lives of

    2.5M patients through >10M digital interactions1



    Patient satisfaction2


    1 Based on internal data.

    2 Results presented are for illustrative purposes only and are not predictive of actual results for your business.

    Delivering results across millions of patient interactions

    patient interactions results infographic

    1 Based on internal data

    2 Richter JM, Ha JB, Marx M, Campbell EJ, Pandolfi MC. “A Digital Preprocedure Instruction Program for Outpatient Colonoscopy.” Telemedicine Journal and E-Health: the Official Journal of the American Telemedicine Association. 2019.
    3 Feng A, Elias J, Hart K, Roberts P, Laskowski K. Automated Patient Navigation Platform Increases Referral Conversion for Surgical Consultations. Paper presented at: Connected Health Conference 2018; Boston, MA. DOI: 10.2196/11802
    4 Nayor J, Feng A, Qazi T, Saltzman JR. Tu1044 Improved Patient Preparedness for Colonoscopy Using Automated Time-Release Reminders. Gastrointestinal endoscopy. 2018;87(6):AB507-AB508

    Medumo has been extremely helpful accelerating our requests as we navigate this difficult time. BMC has been able to successfully and quickly communicate with our patients on essential COVID-19 updates. Providing timely and updated information has been critical in our efforts to keep both our staff and patients safe during this pandemic.”

    - Kathleen Masters

    Sr. Manager of Ambulatory Analytics at Boston Medical Center

    Quick implementation

    process flow

    Go-live in weeks

    Medumo can connect with any EHR or health information system in a matter of weeks.

    Meets client needs

    Our dedicated implementation team works with you to customize Medumo’s library of validated patient pathways to the needs of your staff and patient populations.

    Continuous improvement

    Our product team will work with you to continuously optimize and improve the program over time.

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