Grid-Controlled Fluoroscopy, low dose pediatric X-ray

Reduce dose rates in pediatric X-ray exams with Grid-Controlled Fluoroscopy

Philips Grid-Controlled Fluoroscopy (GCF) creates sharp X-ray pulses, eliminating low-energy X-rays that do not contribute to image quality. Philips combines GCF with In-Pulse Control, which automatically adjusts dose to the specific body part to achieve optimal dose from the first pulse. Minimizing dose is important for all patients and is especially valuable for pediatric fluoroscopy, because children are more sensitive to radiation than adults.


Philips GCF with In-Pulse Control Animation Video

Proven lower dose rate [1] with CombiDiagnost R90 and ProxiDiagnost N90

For pediatric examinations, Philips GCF enables a dose rate [1] reduction up to 68% [2] compared to PCF, depending on patient type and clinical application.

In-pulse control

In-pulse control optimizes dose

In-pulse control optimizes X-ray dose automatically on the fly. This means dose is adjusted to the thickness of the body part from the first pulse, rather than all parts receiving the same dose.

Small pulses benefit

Small pulses benefit pediatric patients

Precise and powerful, GCF is able creates smaller, shorter pulses with lower current but higher voltage. These optimized voltage control curves are tailored specifically to the needs of pediatric fluoroscopy, and the resulting dose is substantially lower. [1] [2]

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Grid-Controlled Fluoroscopy, low dose pediatric X-ray technology is available on


    CombiDiagnost R90  

    CombiDiagnost R90 is a remote controlled fluoroscopy system in combination with high-end digital radiography, designed to improve room utilization in a cost effective manner. A fully digital workflow, UNIQUE image quality and excellent dose management make the versatile system suitable for a wide range of examinations from pediatric to bariatric imaging.

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[1] Dose rate determined according to IEC 60601-2-54,, System set up: detector format 43x43 cm (17x17”), patient type children, 0.1 mm Cu + 1mm AI filter, reduced dose and pulsed slow fluoroscopy mode with 2 pulses/s, Phantom: 5 cm (2 in) PMMA.

[2] Relative difference of two reference air kerma rates between system with GCF and system with PCF.

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