Population Health

Population Health Management
Promoting continuous health for populations

    Jumpstart your journey

    Managing the health of all the people in a given population is a tall order that requires a host of new capabilities and strategies. Get help on your journey to value-based care from our powerful suite of Population Health Management (PHM) solutions that are customized to meet your needs. You'll promote seamless care and continuous health for your entire population, while driving a healthy bottom line for your organization.
    You may already know about our powerful suite of Population Health Management solutions. If so, are you ready to take it to the next step?
    Population Health Management solution for MDs

    Deeply understand your population
    Turning data into better care


    Aggregate claims, EHR, socioeconomic and other data across the continuum to gain actionable insights into your population's needs and risks. Our industry-leading PHM platform aggregates, analyzes and acts on data from all points of care. You get the insights you need to understand your population's risks and care gaps and guide them to the proactive care they need.


    Finding the path to deliver health

    Population Health Management solution for populations

    Navigate care for patients
    Staying healthy at home


    Segment your populations by risk, conduct outreach campaigns, direct them to appropriate care settings and manage referrals. For example, our telehealth solutions, monitoring programs and predictive analytics can allow you to proactively manage care at home for those with complex, chronic conditions.


    Learn about the Social Determinants of Health

    Population Health Management solution for Nurses

    Activate people to take control of their health
    Taking steps toward better health


    Use connected devices and solutions to engage and motivate people toward healthier behaviors and greater independence at home. Our comprehensive coaching and engagement solutions empower people to make behavioral changes to get and stay healthy, and manage disease progression. 


    How health systems can move beyond sick care to proactively keep populations health




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