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How C-Suite can fight physician burnout – Philips has innovative solutions to fight clinical exhaustion

Download our Clinical Confidence guide.

Faced with doctor burnout, the pandemic has strained our healthcare system and caused clinical exhaustion. Learn about how Philips can help you to fight physician burnout at your hospital in our guide.

Download our new Clinical Confidence guide

In this guide, we explore ways to bolster clinical confidence by putting technology to even more productive and intelligent use, addressing the pressing challenges clinicians are facing and supporting them at a time when their burdens and burnout have reached unsustainable levels.

As Management You Need to Have Clinical Confidence in an Era of Healthcare Burnout

The confidence-burnout connection- A loss of clinical confidence is both a contributor to, and a result of, burnout. When clinicians do not feel confident they have the right information, tools or resources to make clinical decisions, they may feel frustrated that their work is less effective than it may otherwise be. And it may indeed be less effective. Studies have shown that clinical burnout is detrimental to patient care.1 Thus, when clinicians are burned out and do not have the clinical confidence they need, their quality of care lessens.

Philips Has Healthcare Burnout Solutions

Confidence is powerful. Stakeholders in the broader healthcare ecosystem each have a role to play in nurturing clinical confidence, helping to make it a powerful force in the quality of patient care and in the reduction of clinical burnout. At Philips, we do this by designing practical solutions to support clinicians’ expertise in the context of their specific clinical settings. Our 4Cs of clinical confidence – correct and complete information, collaborative and consistent processes – independently usher in confidence.


In combination, they can enable clinicians to perform their jobs at the highest level. At a time when clinical teams are more essential and more vulnerable than ever, we earnestly believe that they deserve every consideration and innovation we can bring to them. Serving clinical teams well serves us all – and at Philips, we are actively engaged in making more possible for them every day. This guide showcases how Philips focuses on purposeful innovation to imbue customers with clinical confidence, which leads to improved patient care.

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