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Radiation Oncology Practice Management

Optimizing clinical practice to advance patient-centric care

Radiation therapy can be effective in helping patients overcome cancer. At the same time, radiotherapy processes are often fragmented and inefficient. Uncertainties along the way can impact efficiency and make it difficult to consistently provide the best possible care.


Radiation Oncology Practice Management* is a partnership solution offering a flexible suite of services, tools, and support to help enable optimal use of resources for effective patient-centric care. We partner with you to discover and execute actionable insights that result in more efficient workflows, increased patient/staff satisfaction, and a more personalized treatment for your patients.

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A need to succeed

Consulting services

Advancements in radiation therapy must rely on increasingly efficient and consistent workflows. Development of new, patient-centric treatments requires overcoming the current limitations of tools, time, and resources. Sub-optimal technology usage and missing synergy among staff can keep your department from excelling.


As a committed partner, we provide consulting services, onsite change management support, and continuous education programs across imaging, planning and treatment workflows.


Through improved equipment and resource utilization, and standardized best practices, you can realize more bandwidth to deliver advanced, patient-centric care – across your department.

Empowering measured improvement

We support your clinical leadership by working alongside you to deliver consistent treatment results.

Practice management circle

Reduced variability and increased predictability at each step throughout the radiation oncology continuum enables you to invest focused time on personalized treatment options.

  • Throughput time can be reduced as a result of a standardized and harmonized workflow, optimized to your department 
  • Staff satisfaction can be increased by automating and simplifying the workflow steps and achieving transparent communication
  • Utilization of resources can be optimized based on implementation of best practice insights and continuous education programs
  • Consistency can be maximized through tailored protocols, planning process optimization and standardization

Practice management pyramid

Philips offers several levels of support services:

  • Training and Education – Product and clinical application training, with tailored learning paths for individual users
  • Implementation and Configuration – Product customization and configuration to meet departmental requirements and workflows
  • Performance Optimization – Comprehensive support to streamline processes, optimize use of resources, and increase efficiency along the care path

The path to sustained change

Practice Management focuses on your ambitions and needs. The goal is to work with you to identify operational bottlenecks and discover actionable insights on performance and capacity. A team of dedicated practice management experts recommend actions and work with you to  drive sustainable transformation. The solution can be scaled to suit your preferences.

Practice management process

Phase three - Drive outcomes

  • Establish detailed workflow baseline
  • Collaborate to implement new ways of working
  • Monitor progress and measure outcomes against goals
  • From ongoing effort to improve workflow efficiency and equipment utilization

Phase two - Define

  • Establish KPI's that are in line with targets
  • Co-create to develop an aligned improvement program

Phase one - Assess

  • Explore ambitions and chanllenges
  • Conduct tailored assessment of current department workflow
  • Identify bottlenecks and obtain actionable recommendations

Philips Radiation Oncology Solutions

The confident path to treatment


Philips Radiation Oncology Solutions


Philips offers a proven portfolio of dedicated radiotherapy solutions that span diagnostic imaging to treatment planning. By integrating tools, systems, and software, we help you to improve patient care, accelerate time to treatment, enhance patient satisfaction, while maximizing the value of your investment.

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