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Faster X-ray workflow with SkyFlow Plus

Scatter correction algorithm

Philips SkyFlow Plus is a scatter correction algorithm  that reduces the effect of scattered radiation for non-grid exams, allowing you to obtain DR images with grid-like contrast while avoiding the time and effort of attaching and detaching a grid.

See SkyFlow Plus at work


Compare side-by-side with a conventional image processing and see the benefits for yourself.

Benefits of SkyFlow Plus

Smooth gridless workflow

Smooth gridless workflow ​


While you must always decide whether to use a grid, now you can combine the ease of a gridless acquisition workflow with the contrast of a grid image. SkyFlow Plus digital scatter correction technology produces grid-like images without a grid by reducing the effect of scatter radiation. SkyFlow Plus is suitable for all examinations in free exposure. ​

Substantially faster workflow

Substantially faster workflow ​


In a summative usability study with samples of radiologists working with and without a grid, it was found that there was an average time saving of up to 34 seconds* per exam without a grid.​

*Paired sample t-test with p<0.001; with MobileDiagnost wDR for 12 radiographers.

Exceptional patient experience

Exceptional patient experience 


SkyFlow Plus features fully automatic operation for all anatomies, so you can devote more attention to your patient. Since you may not need to prepare the detector with a grid, you can focus on your patient’s comfort and help shorten the exam time.​ ​

High quality imaging

High quality imaging


Depending on the patient type, SkyFlow Plus automatically identifies the amount of scattered radiation in an image. It improves the image contrast by subtracting scattered radiation from the image.