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    Never before has imaging changed so rapidly. New technology and procedures are released often and it’s hard to stay current. It’s a challenge to adapt your imaging systems of today to the innovations of tomorrow.


    At Philips Healthcare, we collaborate with you in the long-range planning of your medical imaging needs. With Philips SmartPath you can optimize, enhance, or transform your existing equipment so you have “like new” functionality. You gain the most advanced enhancements in workflow, dose management, and imaging quality with the equipment you already own. Your system adapts to future innovations that you couldn’t have foreseen when you made your original investment.


    Philips SmartPath is a partnership program that helps you extend the life of your equipment. You get the latest technology for a fraction of the cost or disruption of buying and installing new.


    What is SmartPath?


    SmartPath is an economical way to enhance your existing Philips systems to current technology or increased capacities. We upgrade key components so that your system is like new. This extends the life of your old system and enables your institution to be more competitive, comparable to buying new.


    This partnership program is available to Philips customers. Current customers use it to upgrade their systems while future customers use it as part of their capital investment planning.


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    Improve workflow


    Every year brings new technologies in healthcare and with them, new ways to improve your workflow.

    You’ll find new ways to use your staff and equipment effectively and economically. And just as important, you’ll have additional opportunities for patients and clinicians to interact.


    dStream can accelerate patient management in MRI

    dStream image

    dStream architecture improves workflow in many ways.


    iPatient enables a fast and comfortable patient setup. Automated coil selection takes away the concern of precise coil positioning. The use of fewer, light weight coils and fast patient setup further reduces exam time. Intelligent automation and assistance support standardization of imaging. The number of routine tasks are significantly reduced compared to Achieva, for greater efficiency, consistency and reproducibility.


    Find out how SmartPath to dStream brings up to 30% improvement in your throughput for a variety of routine exams.


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    Transform your advanced visualisation workstations to one integrated platform

    smartpath prograde

    IntelliSpace Workstation and IntelliSpace Portal allow you to view and analyze CT, MR, Molecular Imaging, iXR and DXR images and Ultrasound images with a single tool. A number of features and options allow you to further enhance workflow, with such benefits as:


    • Reduce workup times by up to 80% with zero-click software such as automatic skull removal
    • Launch advanced applications from virtually anywhere, including from your PACS
    • Perform a full liver assessment in just 10 minutes
    • Easy access to prior studies pre-fetched from your PACS


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    The digital coil connections and the coil built into the table dramatically changed our workflow.” 


    Dr. Trewit, Chief of Radiology, Hennepin County Medical Center Minneapolis, USA.


    "With ProGrade we have been able to extend the life of our analog BuckyDiagnost by upgrading it to digital capabilities."


    Isabelle Molinie, Manager of Radiology Department, Hospital Center Andre Mignot, Versailles, France.

    increase dose management

    Enhance dose management


    With more interventional procedures, rising chronic disease, increasing patient BMI, and at the same time, new regional regulations and patient awareness, dose management is more important than ever.


    As part of the SmartPath program, we can retro-fit many older systems with new technology. You get high image quality while managing dose, and you don’t have to replace your system.


    Quickclear image

    Increase low contrast detectability with IMR

    Emmnuel Coche, MD, PhD discusses the advantages of IMR and how he can see hemorrhagic lesions that weren’t visible in other images without increasing dose.

    increasedose video iDose

    iDose improves image quality at low dose

    Upgrade your CT system with iDose. See how iDose4 improves image quality through artifact prevention and increased spatial resolution at low dose.

    increasedose video iXR

    High quality imaging at low dose level 

    AlluraClarity gives you excellent visibility levels with patients of any size.

    ipad image

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    What’s changed with AlluraClarity is that everyone wants to work in that room.”  


    Dr. B. Katzen, Baptist Cardiac and Vascular Institute Miami, FL, USA.

    expand advanced capabilities

    Add functionality to enable advanced procedures


    The highly competitive healthcare environment means advanced capabilities can make you stand out.


    New or advanced procedures allow you to offer new service lines. Or focusing on specific clinical procedures can help attract the right specialists to become more competitive.


    expand advanced capabilities

    SmartPath to Release 5 brings new clinical apps to MRI

    SmartPath to R5 brings a new, streamlined user interface for image acquisition and image review. New clinical apps give you additional clinical indications so you can grow your referral value.


    smartpath iPatient

    Trauma center gets quicker and consistent images with iPatient

    Bobby Hill, lead CT technologist, tells how iPatient helped Oregon Health Sciences University manage complex protocols with consistency. Hear his story.

    smartpath echoNavigator

    Live Image Guidance allows greater insight and confidence

    Learn how EchoNavigator fuses live X-ray and live echo images for intuitive guidance during structural heart disease procedures.

    extend lifetime image

    Extend lifetime of your equipment


    As equipment ages and reaches the end of its lifecycle, you need to decide if you will replace, dispose, or redeploy it.


    With the Philips SmartPath program, you have additional options. You can transform your current equipment in a practical, cost-effective way to the latest technology, or trade it in at attractive terms when buying a new one.


    Regardless of which option you choose, we partner with you to recommend an affordable path that meets your needs and rewards your loyalty.

    10-year-old system is upgraded to digital MR

    10 year old system

    Chip Truwit used SmartPath to dStream to bring digital MR to Hennepin County Medical Center without the hassle of replacing the magnet.


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    Add years to your current Cathlab system

    10 year old system

    Catalyst conversion gives you a practical, cost effective way to transform your current Cathlab system into AlluraClarity or Allura Xper. You get a new look and the latest functionalities with decreased room construction requirements. You’ll extend the life of your system without buying new.


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    Increasing CT services without buying new equipment

    increasing CT

    Find out how Mammoth Hospital upgraded their CT scanner and increased their service offerings. Instead of replacing their CT scanner, Mammoth used the Philips SmartPath program to replace strategic components and make it “like new”.


    SmartPath to dStream is a phenomenal opportunity for us: not only to keep us contemporary, but to maintain our lead over our competition.”


    Dr. Chip Truwit, Chief of Radiology, Hennepin County Medical Center


    Attractive financial options


    When your equipment is aging and reaching its “end of life”, you make a decision about upgrading or replacing. SmartPath offers you attractive financial options when you make that choice.

    If you decide to upgrade, you can add the upgrade to your current lease/financing contract or start a new one for the upgrade only. Alternately, we can buy your system and lease it back to you with the latest upgrades included. And if you want to replace your equipment with a new system, you can trade in your old system at attractive terms.

    Our local financing experts offer tailor-made financing solutions to meet your individual upgrade requirements.


    SmartPath gives you the choices you need to manage your “return on investment” and capital budgets.

    Tomorrow’s already planned for with Philips SmartPath

    Upgrade your CT, MR, MI, and US workstations, and benefit from one integrated advanced visualisation platform. Learn more

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