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Transforming transitions of care

Extending care beyond the hospital and into the home

    Providing chronic care at home

    The transition to prioritizing home-based care has been underway, driven by an aging population, a rise in chronic conditions and an evolving reimbursement and readmission penalty landscape.¹,² However, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has given new urgency to the shift toward non–hospital-based care delivery, both in providing chronic care at home as well as continuity of care following hospitalization to avoid readmission.³,


    The Philips suite of connected care solutions aim to deliver precision, accuracy and quality to help healthcare organizations shift care from the hospital to the home. By expanding access to care, creating increased efficiencies, and focusing on prevention and better management and treatment of chronic conditions, these solutions may help improve clinical and financial outcomes.⁵,

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    Philips transitions-of-care approach

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    Expands access to care through telehealth and virtual care stations
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    May help increase efficiencies through AI-enabled decision support tools
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    Enables management and treatment of chronic conditions with a focus on preventive care
    Tele health access
    Philips recognized in Gartner 2020 Market Guide for Virtual Care Solutions

    Philips has the technology and expertise to provide chronic care at home

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    • 30+ years of experience as a leader in telehealth  
    • AI-enabled solutions
    • End-to-end interoperability solutions enabling smooth data exchange across healthcare players⁷
    • Committed to ensuring the safety and security of patients, operators and customers who use our products
    • Ongoing consultative support and program management, as well as a range of flexible business models
    • Multiple collaborations with health systems around the world

    Expand access for flexible patient care

    Remote patient management


    Treat the right patient at the right time, in the right place.



    Enable off-site clinicians to interact with bedside staff to consult on patient care.

    Help increase operational and clinical efficiencies

    Early warning scoring systems


    Deliver a rapid response to clinical deterioration.

    Wearable sensor


    Transmit data while giving patients more mobility and freedom.

    Patient management solution


    Transform the way you engage and educate your patients across the care continuum.

    Enable management and treatment of chronic conditions with a focus on preventative care

    Home respiratory solutions


    Support in-home respiratory care with invasive and noninvasive therapy for adult and pediatric patients.

    Integrated COPD care


    Help reduce hospital readmission rates and costs associated with acute to postacute care in patients with COPD.

    Sleep apnea therapy


    Empower patients to support their compliance.

    Working together to connect care: customer case studies

    Emory healthcare
    Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
    Delivering more timely critical care for better outcomes
    Ysbyty Gwynedd
    Ysbyty Gwynedd, the General Hospital in Bangor, Wales
    Reducing adverse events in the General Ward
    Catholic Home
    Catholic Home Care in Long Island, New York, USA
    Reducing hospital readmissions for CHF patients

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