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Philips Interoperability Consulting

    Your ally in overcoming the challenges of interoperability

    Many caregiving workflows are boosted by efficiently gathering and sharing patient information. This starts with identifying patients correctly, and continues with accessing test results and other information to support clinical decisions. Availability of this critical patient data impacts clinicians’ effectiveness, whether they are at the bedside, or working through platforms like the electronic medical record (EMR) or hospital information system (HIS).


    Getting different platforms from different vendors to speak to one another, helping them work quickly and effectively to collect, organize, and distribute patient data to the caregivers who need it – this is interoperability, and it can be complicated.


    Philips Interoperability Consulting helps you tackle those complications, through expert assistance for IT specialists and biomedical engineers. By applying a structured approach, well-established principles, and extensive expertise to deliver support, we collaborate to understand and resolve your IT and clinical challenges and get your systems interoperating. Working closely with your team, our Interoperability Consulting services can help you realize the potential of your workflows and processes.


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    Provide your implementation team with the complementary support they need: our experts working with your experts

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    Give your clinical teams easy access to information that supports their decisions

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    Apply a structured approach to analyze, leverage and enhance the interoperational potential of your infrastructure, information technology investments, and Philips systems


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    Applying understanding of your systems and processes

    Philips Interoperability Consulting follows a structured approach which we adapt to reach your goals. After getting an understanding of your  situation, the range of possible further steps is customized to your needs.

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    This is an approach that has developed and shown its value over our more than 50 combined years in patient monitoring and over 30 in healthcare informatics. Philips interoperability consultants supplement this expertise with a knowledge of the relevant standards, from interfacing (like HL7 or DICOM), through integration (such as IHE), to best practice methodologies (like ITIL, or PRINCE2).

    Offerings based on your needs  


    Philips Interoperability Consulting follows a structured approach which we adapt to reach your goals. After getting an understanding of your situation, the range of possible steps is further customized to your needs.

    Complementing your team, Philips Interoperability Consulting provides you with someone who recognizes your IT and clinical needs, understands how your systems can work together to create value, and works with you to create a solution that can deliver that value. Speak to an expert to find out what Philips Interoperability Consulting can do for you and your workflows – contact your local Philips representative today to learn more.

    We help you interface – via HL7 or WebServices – to make the most of your existing data sources.

    • Patient demographics to and from your HIS / EMR / regional systems
    • Lab results from your LIS* / HIS
    • Vital signs and observations to your HIS / EMR
    • Patient reports to your HIS / EMR
    • 12-lead ECG orders from your HIS / EMR
    • Sharing data using your HIS WebServices

    Resources to support your decision - making


    Customer Testimonial

    * Laboratory Information System

    Why work with Philips

    Having access to integration specialists when discussing issues has been invaluable – they always understand the root of the problem from a technical perspective and make sure any changes are done appropriately.”

    - Rob Baisden

    Senior Biomedical Manager for Biomedical Technology

    Philips IT Services customer testimonial

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    Offerings based on customers’ needs


    There’s no question your imaging department will need system upgrades, staff training or supply reorders over the next few years. But when and where you will need to allocate funds to make the purchase is unpredictable. Our Philips Lifecycle Fund gives your organization or department the flexibility to quickly and easily get the services and support you need, with predictable costs.


    Lifecycle Fund is structured to put the purchasing power in your hands:


    • Fund is established at either the hospital level or imaging department level
    • Delivered through a multi-year term-based contract, with funds depleted over time
    • Total investment is determined by your specific needs and purchasing history
    • Periodic payments are fixed, while purchases against the account can be made any time
    • Additional discounts are provided for fund purchases and are established at start of contract
    • Available for imaging systems upgrades, options, accessories, consumables, education and training

    Services that consistently prove their value


    Current needs

    Flexible fund keeps department equipped day-to-day


    Proactive needs

    Easily access updates and new options for existing equipment


    Predictive needs

    Planned upgrades can be mapped to fund investments



    We work as one with your teams to keep your systems running smoothly, seven days a week if needed.* The customizable services and education offerings  adapt to your needs to support your internal teams. Partner with Philips to maximize utilization and uptime of your systems and ongoing investments and take advantage of the following benefits.


    Support clinical and technical workflows with experts talking to experts


    A solution that keeps performing consistently


    Interoperability between systems from Philips and other vendors


    Structured approach for easy implementation and quick access to the applications and systems you need


    Leverage your infrastructure and investments under the guidance of our experts

    * Requires minimum RightFit contract. Conditions apply. Offerings are available in selected countries and for selected products only.

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    * Requires minimum RightFit contract. Conditions apply.
    Offerings are available in selected countries and for selected products only.

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