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Empower your clinical staff to deliver an improved patient experience

Philips Clinical Professional Services (CPS) are compassionate professionals just like you. We get it. We get that it can be a daunting challenge for hospitals to achieve clinical excellence while facing a barrage of change, uncertainty and pressure. That’s why we act as partners to drive process improvement and behavioral change across key areas of clinical practice. Our teams engage with your teams clinician-to-clinician and peer-to-peer at the unit level. Together, we help you transform care and achieve the Quadruple Aim.

I would like to congratulate you [the Philips team] and express my highest regard for the fantastic presentation. [It conveyed] how vital this topic is from the caregiver’s view.

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Achieve clinical optimization in key practice areas with services that encourage healing environments and optimize workflows

Healing environment / NICU development

Philips Wee Care™ Assessment

What is the current status of your NICU’s family-centered developmental care?


• Our team of experienced NICU consultants performs a three-day on-site assessment using our validated in-depth Wee Care assessment tool developed from evidence-based research and industry standards of care. The tool utilizes the framework of the seven core measures of family-centered developmental care from Philips Neonatal Integrative Developmental Care Model.


• This assessment identifies strengths and gaps in family-centered developmental care, and promotes standardization of clinical practices to achieve optimal development and improved outcomes for preterm and critically-ill infants.

Wee Care Assessment brochure

Wee Care® Healing Environment

Does your NICU team need assistance in quality initiatives and staff education to create a healing environment supporting family-centered developmental care?


• The Wee Care Healing Environment Program builds on the results of the Wee Care Assessment. It’s based on evidence-based best practices in family-centered developmental care integrating clinically relevant research. Its focus is on the healing environment including preadmission, NICU design, acoustics, lighting and sensory development, as well as application to the seven core measures of the Neonatal Integrative Developmental Care Model. 

• A multidisciplinary approach is utilized in a three-day event to determine desired future state through designing Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) improvement projects. Staff education, champion support, and follow up assessments are essential elements of the program.

Wee Care Healing Environment brochure

Preemie for a Day

Does your team need strategies to foster family-centered developmental care? How can you better support preemie development?


• Preemie for a Day is a popular, interactive, multi-sensory training program that contrasts the experience of a neonate in a traditional NICU environment to that of a neonate in a developmentally supportive NICU. Practice areas include admissions, positioning and handling, feeding and family/staff partnerships.

• This course addresses the seven core measures of the Neonatal Integrative Developmental Care Model and is designed for the multidisciplinary team working in the NICU environment. Participants not only learn and discuss ways to improve the care and outcomes for their tiniest patients, but also actually experience the reasons for approaching care in a developmentally supportive manner.

Preemie for A Day brochure

Clinical optimization

Alarm management

Is clinical alarm fatigue steering your organization away from the quadruple aim? Is your organization meeting the element of performance for the national patient safety goal of improving the safety of clinical alarm systems?


• Our alarm management services deliver end-to-end alarm solutions to help make sure your staff, processes and technology all work in harmony to respond to clinical alarms and steer your organization back to the quadruple aim.

• These services will help you achieve your alarm management goals through an assessment, analysis, design and execution methodology.

Alarms TDS brochure

5 Facts about Alarm Fatigue brochure

Alarms Management brochure

Alarms Assessment PIC iX brochure 

ICU wellness

Is your ICU a high acuity, high-stress environment? Our ICU Wellness Assessment and Service may be beneficial.


• The Philips ICU Wellness Assessment focuses on evidence-based clinical best practices by assessing your adult and pediatric ICU environments. This offering aims to provide you with the tools and resources for an effective ICU focused on family and patient-centric practices.

• The service includes documenting a baseline for ICU environment, identifying waste and gaps in operations and workflow, suggesting necessary changes and deep-diving into identified challenges.

ICU Brochure

PICU Brochure

Telemetry services

Are you using telemetry to improve patient flow and reduce length of stay?


• Our telemetry services offer a holistic assessment to align with people, process, and technology. With proven change management techniques, our telemetry services help drive adoption, improve outcomes and achieve an optimal state.

• Each service provides documentation of the baseline workflow with gap and opportunity identification, while the various tiers offer a more comprehensive analysis, including recommendations, next steps, quick wins, and support for measuring and monitoring intervention success.

Philips Telemetry Wellness brochure 

Quantifiable results; real-world applications


overall nurse satisfaction in a survey on CPS patient transport process

8 hours+

daily time savings for the Central Monitoring Unit Telemetry Techs through automated measurement and export (wave strip)*


potential annual hours saved from workflow automation*

Patient and healthcare professional conversing

Our three-day Kaizen events focus continuous improvement to optimize processes, increase efficiency and improve patient outcomes. Bringing together a team of experts, we identify the areas of improvement and incremental changes that can lead to significant long-term benefits for healthcare organizations, patients and caregivers.

Our methodology for clinical improvement

The CPS program follows a straightforward, proven approach to drive change that is collaborative, measurable and sustainable.

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