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Ultrasound Utilization Optimizer


The Philips OmniSphere ultrasound software application provides a comprehensive view of your ultrasound data.

    Utilization data optimization for a busy ultrasound practice


    "A key part of business optimization is being able to use the utilization data flowing through your institution so you can make strategic practice decisions, increase efficiency and optimize operations.


    The Philips OmniSphere Utilization Optimizer ultrasound software application was created exclusively for ultrasound practices to help you manage, monitor and control ultrasound data across your health system. The software-only platform gathers utilization data from multiple Philips ultrasound systems* and generates customizable dashboards. Using clear, actionable reports, you can make informed day-to-day decisions, as well as for larger capital investments.


    *Contact us about equipment compatibility."

    A short introduction to Philips Omnisphere Utilization Optimizer
    A short introduction to Omnisphere Utilization Optimizer

    Ultrasound software: Top features

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    Intuitive installation and interface
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    Ability to evaluate multiple ultrasound systems
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    Customizable dashboards and reports
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    Can be added at any time after equipment purchase
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    Scalable, with no licensing limits 
    *Contact us about equipment compatibility.

    Philips OmniSphere customizable dashboards

    The Utilization Data Optimizer organizes ultrasound data on a dashboard with numerous display preferences. You can customize your dashboard to show the graphs you want to see, and save the different views.

    View as much or as little data as you need 

    You can filter data and view on screen, or create context-specific, searchable utilization reports with the ability to filter data by:


    • Clinician (performing the study) 

    • Institution

    • Study type

    • Department

    • System

    • Time frame


    You can also export reports to PDF, Word or Excel for further data analysis.

    Performance management software to support continuous improvement

    For help using the data generated by the Utilization Optimizer, and to find pathways to better utilization, Philips PerformanceBridge services will help take you to the next level.

    Ultrasound software that consistently proves its value

    Current needs


    Insight into existing ultrasound usage

    Proactive needs


    Access to information that enables strategic decision-making

    Predictive needs

    Future capital equipment purchases based on practice-centric data and daily statistical information

    Explore ultrasound software features


    View how this application helps you manage technical requests and enables remote access to ultrasound systems online.

    Ultrasound management with unique capabilities

    Unlike other solutions, Remote Technical Connect offers a heightened level of self-sufficiency that may increase data security:


    At the transducer level to help with scheduling or future purchasing needs


    • Track usage to determine if you need to purchase another one or see if it is used more on certain days for scheduling.


    About the exam/study type by scanned by level to help with scheduling and potential training needs


    • Review how long certain exam types take and adjust scheduling as needed.


    At the referring physician level to see what exams are from which referring physician


    • Look at activity from each referring physician to determine marketing activities to drive more referral business.
    • Review trends of exam types from particular referring physicians.

    Resources to support your decision-making

    A short introduction to Remote Technical Connect applications.
    A short introduction to Remote Technical Connect applications.

    Case study

    OmniSphere helped a practice make strategic decisions about the effect of ultrasound protocol implementations, sonographer staff auditing and future capital equipment purchases.

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    Explore other OmniSphere tools:

    Remote Technical Connect


    Part of the Philips OmniSphere application suite, Remote Technical Connect enables internal biomedical or IT teams to use remote viewing and control Philips ultrasound systems within the hospital network.

    Utilization Data Optimizer benefits

    Reliable access to data for effective scheduling
    Increased efficiency, productivity and effectiveness may lower costs
    Opportunity to improve daily processes using data
    Simple installation and secured within your own network
    ROI against the financial goals of your system or network
    Reduced unnecessary variations in care promotes value-based care

    Why choose OmniSphere Utilization Optimizer?

    Philips OmniSphere has made a significant impression on the practice’s IT staff, ultrasound department and physicians. In the past, many questions regarding utilization of the practice’s ultrasound equipment simply went unanswered, and planning for the future was left to educated guesswork.”

    —Michael S. Ruma, MD, MPH, Perinatal Associates of New Mexico

    OmniSphere helped a practice make strategic decisions about the effect of ultrasound protocol implementations, sonographer staff auditing and future capital equipment purchases.

    Dr. Michael Ruma
    Michael S. Ruma, MD, MPH, Perinatal Associates of New Mexico

    OmniSphere helped a practice make strategic decisions about the effect of ultrasound protocol implementations, sonographer staff auditing and future capital equipment purchases.

    Value and smart investing with Philips Omnisphere

    Advanced software to advance a practice


    Because of the breadth and depth of data captured, Philips OmniSphere Utilization Data Optimizer may help you get the most out of your investment. Dashboards and reports provide you with the ability to manage your operational efficiency while enabling you to make actionable business decisions around resource planning, budgeting and purchasing needs.


    Philips ultrasound software is designed to help you:

    · Understand the cost of managing and operating assets

    · Make informed decisions to better allocate resources and optimize asset inventory 

    · Improve your asset and labor utilization

    Easy to start, easy to scale

    • Per seat licensing – software is broadly available across your entire network
    • Scales seamlessly – can easily scale to meet your growing operations
    • Subscription model – offers a low total cost of ownership and keeps your OmniSphere software current at all times

    Biomed education and training—your way  

    Education and training

    We offer world-class technical training for in-house engineering teams, via instructor-led and eLearning courses, to help you address your service needs.

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