PerformanceBridge Practice

Driving continuous performance improvement in imaging, through tailored assessments, targeted recommendations and ongoing monitoring and partnership with you.

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Data and expertise tailored to deliver results

Part of Philips PerformanceBridge – a flexible suite of continuous improvement solutions – PerformanceBridge Practice is an innovative offering designed to make your performance, utilization and workflow data perform for you in ways that will drive improvement and deliver measurable outcomes.

We partner with you to help unify deep levels of data and unlock actionable information to enhance operational and clinical decision making that’s centered around the patient. In addition to comprehensive, customized Assessments to understand and baseline your performance, we collaborate with you to develop tailored solutions that enable you to:

  • Address performance gaps
  • Monitor progress ongoing
  • Create value and drive sustainable change in imaging
Together, we can help drive continuous improvement at the imaging department and enterprise levels

Philips has recently acquired U.S. based start-up, Analytical Informatics, Inc., whose advanced workflow tools and applications will help strengthen our PerformanceBridge Practice offerings. We’re currently working on fully integrating their capabilities with ours, and look forward to being able to provide our customers with even more solutions that can help them maximize opportunities to do more with less, while delivering patient-centric care.

For more about the acquisition, please read the press release here.

Our approach and methodology

Because we care about your success, our approach is designed to align with your goals. Leveraging our integrated suite of digital health technology capabilities and breadth of experience, we gain deep insights into your specific challenges and create actionable recommendations for a path toward improvement.


Together, we uncover your specific challenges, help you prioritize opportunities and navigate the transition to a model of delivering care that’s focused on outcomes, value and the patient.


Diving deep into your data and organization to:

  • Baseline equipment and staff utilization and efficiency
  • Identify root cause analyses for performance gaps
  • Gain visibility to market share and referral network leakage

Co-create solutions

Working together to:

  • Set unique people and performance results goals
  • Build technology management plans based on customer IB and referral network
  • Create targeted recommendations that drive performance and cost savings

Drive outcomes

Partnering over the long term to:

  • Monitor performance and reporting
  • Drive improvements in equipment utilization
  • Identify staff training needs
  • Determine potential ROI for each project

A tailored offering based on your needs

PerformanceBridge Practice offers a tailored combination of technology and professional services to meet your needs and drive sustained improvement throughout your organization.

Utilization review

Review of efficiency, modality and staff utilization at modality and department level

Network and market analysis

Analysis of referral network, inclusive of market share and exam volumes, in Primary Service
+ analyses by individual room, machine and technologist productivity, with root cause analysis
+ measured by physician and patient leakage, as well as network segmentation

Growth plan

Development of basic market growth and technology management plan, based on installed base and equipment age

ROI calculator

Identification of value drivers and cost savings associated with performance recommendations
+ estimated outpatient, primary and secondary service areas, projected growth in imaging services by modality, and predictive analysis of patient and procedure volumes
+ and efficiency improvements, as well as revenue enhancements from new patient growth and reduced leakage

Solution Advisor

Support from a dedicated solution advisor who collaborates with you to enable continuous improvement and drive business impact of performance improvement projects

Practice management tool

Access to our practice management tool, providing vendor-agnostic analysis with tailored dashboards, scheduled template reports, notifications and drill-downs for root cause and gap analyses

Structured to adapt and scale to your needs

PerformanceBridge Practice Services
Engagement level
One-time analysis and reporting, plus detailed recommendations (4-6 weeks, typically)
Ongoing, integrated engagement with dedicated solution advisor
Utilization review
Network and market analysis
Growth plan
 ROI calculator
Practice management tool
                                    As needed*
Solution advisor
                                    As needed*

Get insights optimized for action

A configured dashboard gives you an objective view of your performance, reflecting your custom metrics and systems. Based on your goals, your custom reports may include:
  • Near real-time procedural analysis
  • Operational performance
  • Patient and procedural workflow analysis
  • Data mining by DICOM fields
  • Data anonymized for research analysis
  • Imaging volumes by procedure code
  • Imaging analysis capabilities on a daily and monthly basis

A look inside our practice management tool

PerformanceBridge Practice in action

Per capita cost reduction


Highly variable imaging exams make optimal scheduling problematic and longer exams drive up operational costs.


Identified target protocols by looking at volume and durations, and utilized machine log files to obtain accurate information.


  • Reduction in time-per-exam of ~20%.
  • Created tools to integrate changes into standard way of working.

*Results are specific to the institution where they were obtained and may not reflect the results achievable at other institutions.”

Establishing data confidence


Imaging departments have a wealth of data sources, yet each gives differing views; this makes it difficult to derive meaningful information without establishing a ground truth and data consistency.


Deployed a network listener to capture HL7 and DICOM. Aggregated and reconciled data from RIS, PACS, EMR, and workflow engine with triangulated output.


Identified and addressed root causes for data discrepancies; established

meaningful metrics for specific departmental performance indicators. Streamlined reporting approach across managers and reduced reporting time.

*Results are specific to the institution where they were obtained and may not reflect the results achievable at other institutions.”

Ensuring consistent patient care through follow-up


Patients have clinical findings leading to a follow-up recommendation, yet there isn’t a mechanism to know if follow-up typically occurs.


Deployed natural language processing tools and intelligence to examine 4.5 years of historic reports across the system.


  • Delivered recommendations for follow-up.
  • Discovered follow-up non-compliance in ~40% of cases.

*Results are specific to the institution where they were obtained and may not reflect the results achievable at other institutions.”


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