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Patient Activation BioIntelliSense BioSticker™

Remote patient monitoring with BioIntelliSense BioSticker™

Adding biometric monitoring to your remote patient monitoring program delivers FDA-cleared vital sign data to your providers and simplifies engagement for patients in their homes. The BioIntelliSense BioSticker single-use wearable sensor passively tracks and transmits skin temperature, respiratory rate at rest, heart rate and cough frequency via Bluetooth data transmission with a 30-day battery life to a connected hub which captures and transmits the data back to the care team.


The care team can view daily and weekly trends and tabular views, and leverage intervention rules to be notified about worsening symptoms or trends, and intervene according to the patient’s care plan.

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Enhance your remote monitoring programs with the BioIntelliSense BioStickerTM – an FDA-cleared medical device for convenient at-home monitoring of key vital signs. With the BioIntelliSense BioSticker , you’ll be able to,
  • Simplify the patient experience with a “stick it and forget it” monitoring device that supports 30 days of continuous, passive vital sign monitoring
  • Leverage a patient-centric approach that captures the multidimensional nature of an individual’s health over time
  • Enhance your remote patient monitoring programs with continuous biometric monitoring of skin temperature, respiratory rate at rest and coughing frequency

Monitor COVID-19 symptoms alongside underlying health conditions

Philips’ clinical team has configured a 30-day protocol to evaluate and monitor patient populations remotely regarding potential COVID-19 exposure and symptoms, which can be deployed in addition to standard or tailored clinical content and protocols that are available for underlying conditions. This allows your providers to focus on those patients exhibiting symptoms and risk factors with specific follow-up actions.
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