Population Health Management

Patient reported outcome measures


Population Health Management 

Patient Activation Patient reported outcome measures

Support patient engagement, patient activation and 
shared decision-making

Our patient engagement applications support online collaboration between care providers and patients to enable continuous, automated monitoring of patients between office visits. Evaluation of patient responses to validated surveys helps direct the patient to the right care at the right time and potentially avoids unnecessary office visits.


We help ensure that patients participate in a timely manner in shared decision-making to support better health outcomes. These applications support individualized care plans based upon best practice care pathways and patient preferences, with the aim of delivering higher levels of patient engagement and improved outcomes.

PROG patient reported
of respondents gave top-box scores for provider communication1
When having completed patient reported outcomes (PROs) and discussed them with their doctor, compared to those who completed but did not discuss PROs (83%) and those who did not complete the PROs (84%).
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