Senior care management program

Extending visibility to help you manage rising risk

Next year’s costly patients are largely unmonitored today. 


Although many healthcare organizations target intensive and costly interventions to their most expensive patients, analysis has unveiled potential cost savings opportunities by managing the mid-acuity patients in lower cost segments that are at risk of moving up the cost acuity pyramid1


Identify the untapped potential to control costs and improve care beyond the highest-cost patients with emerging risk patients in your population with our full Senior Care product and service package, from pathway development to enrolling and monitoring patients. Through line-of-sight into the home with connected devices, early intervention tailored to patient needs and conditions can help reduce overall risk of hospital transport and potential admission, especially amongst the costly and growing aging population.

Senior Care



Medicare patients will be discharged home after a hospital stay with no direct monitoring by a healthcare professional2.




Seniors have at least one chronic condition and 60% have two or more3. Patients with multiple chronic conditions typically use more services, including emergency department visits and hospitalizations4.


$17 billion


Medicare spend annually on readmissions that could be classified as potentially avoidable5.

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