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Philips IntelliSpace Cognition brings you rapid and reliable insight into the cognitive performance of your patients. This aids you in making informed decisions about the most appropriate treatment path.


Data is collected by means of an easy-to-administer digital assessment, supervised by an assistant and completed in under an hour. Advanced data analytics are then used to automatically score the tests and map these scores to cognitive domains. This gives you an instant overview of current performance, as well as a comparison with historical data.

Supporting your vision.


Philips IntelliSpace Cognition is a disease-agnostic platform that can help you take actionable decisions about treatment or indicate that a full neuropsychological assessment is advisable. In doing so, it reduces assessment variability and centralizes your data while empowering you to uncover new insights.


The strength of Philips IntelliSpace Cognition lies in its powerful combination of well-established cognitive tests, seamless workflow, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence. This lets you and your team achieve data-rich assessments efficiently — so that you can confidently provide the care your patients need.

Reasons to consider Philips IntelliSpace Cognition.

Diagnose and treat patients through improved insight into their cognition.


It can be challenging to generate accurate insight into a patient’s cognition in the time available. The initial screening process is often insufficient to aid in diagnosis or treatment, while results from individual cognitive tests can be difficult for staff to interpret.1  


Philips IntelliSpace Cognition uses a scientific model2 that instantly translates raw test scores into easy-to-digest information, organized by widely recognized cognitive domains.

Reliably track cognitive performance over time.


It is essential to systematically track patients’ cognitive status throughout the course of their treatment path, such as assessing how they respond to medication or other measures.

Doing so also helps you explain changes in cognitive performance to the patient and family.


With Philips IntelliSpace Cognition, you have access to longitudinal reporting of performance in each of the main cognitive domains. Automated scoring algorithms generate easily comparable scores, time after time.

Potentially bypass the long waiting time for a full neuropsychological evaluation.


Access to a full neuropsychological evaluation can be frustratingly limited and time-consuming; the average waiting time in the US is approximately eight weeks.3   The situation may deteriorate even further, given the increasing demands for neurological services4 by an aging population. With Philips IntelliSpace Cognition, you can carry out efficient cognitive assessments in less than one hour and decide if a full assessment is really necessary.

Make cognitive assessment more routine.


In an ideal world, neurologists would refer three times as many patients for a full neuropsychological assessment than they currently do.5 This is because practices often focus on increasing throughput and reducing the time spent with individual patients to maintain or increase margins.6 In addition, full neuropsychological evaluations are not always covered by insurance and can be too costly for patients to pay for themselves.7


While Philips IntelliSpace Cognition does not replace a full neuropsychological assessment, it usually provides a clearer picture of a patient’s cognitive performance on which to base a course of action. This can significantly accelerate the treatment process. CPT codes are available for computerized cognitive assessment.

A trusted partner

With Philips you have the reassurance that your data is safely and securely stored in one place for easy access. It is also fully compatible with our HealthSuite digital platform
Philips IntelliSpace Cognition utilizes well established cognitive tests as well as cognitive screeners.

Why go digital?


Accurate and efficient assessment is crucial to achieving the results that you and your patients demand. Philips IntelliSpace Cognition helps you respond to some of today’s challenges with cognitive assessments.

Many neurologic diseases involve significant cognitive impairment.  Neurologists must have detailed and timely understanding of patient cognition, including changes in performance over time, to inform diagnosis and treatment. I believe a robust and efficient digital cognitive assessment platform is an indispensable tool for busy neurology practices.”  

Allen L. Gee, MD, PhD, FAAN

Frontier NeuroHealth



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3 An online survey of 75 US-based neurologists, conducted by MarkTech Group, revealed that the average waiting time for a neuropsychological evaluation is 7.6 weeks.

4, 6 “The Workforce Task Force report: clinical implications for neurology”: Neurology. 2013 Jul 30;81(5):479-86. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0b013e31829d8783. Epub 2013 Jun 19.

5 75 US-based neurologists were asked; “For what percentage of all your patients do you currently request a full neuropsychological assessment?” The average of all responses was 13%. They were then asked, “In an ideal world which percentage of all your patients would you like to send for a full neuropsychological assessment?” The average of all responses was 36%.

7 As part of an online survey, 75 US-based neurologists were asked; “Considering the patients that you don’t send for a full assessment but would like to have sent, what is the primary reason for not sending?” 60%  selected the answer; “A full assessment is frequently not covered by insurance and is too costly for the patient to pay.”


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