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Patient lists


The ‘patients’ section displays a listing of all patients in medSage. Along the left-hand side are several lists to help organize workflow.

All:  A view of all patients regardless of status.


Active (Auto):  A view of all patients with an ‘active’ status and a contact method of ‘phone’, ‘email’, or ‘mail’.  These patients will potentially be contacted by the system when eligible for contact.


Active (Manual): A view of all patients with an ‘active’ status and a contact method of ‘manual’. These patients either would like a person contacting them or they are unable to be connected via automated methods due to phone number problems.


The Manual Caller List is a feature that aids in calling and tracking patients in medSage who have a manual communication mode selected. Patients who are ‘manual’ will not be called by the automated system; however, the patients desire follow-up. Manual communication mode can be assigned because the patient:


  • Has the same phone number as another patient in medSage
  • Has two billing IDs
  • Has an invalid phone number
  • Has opted out of the automated survey
  • Does not speak English well
  • Has trouble understanding the automated survey


The Manual Caller List provides medSage users with a listing of questions to ask patients. The questions reflect the ones a patient would be asked during an automated survey. Once the user submits the patient’s responses from the survey page, notifications and reorders are generated based on the patient’s responses.


Inactive:  A view of all patients with an ‘inactive’ status.  These patients were potentially active at one time.


Unreachable: A view of all patients with an ‘unreachable’ status.  These patients were active at one time; however, the system was unable to connect with the patient.


Nevercall:  A view of all patients with a ‘nevercall’ status.  These patients will never be contacted by the system.


You may not utilize the patient lists daily – however, it is recommended to review the active (manual) and unreachable listings weekly to address patients who potentially have problems or need supply replenishment. Clicking on an individual patient from any of these lists allows you to navigate to an individual patient’s record for research and updates.

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how to search patients' status
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Patient records


Whenever a patient’s name is selected, the patient’s individual record appears. This record displays information relevant to the patient from medSage and billing data. Many fields in the patient’s record can be edited in medSage.


Each record is divided into six pages:


Contact details: Displays details on how (and if) the patient should be contacted regarding their therapy and supplies such as status, phone number, email, contact method and contact eligibility date. If the phone number listed is identified as a mobile number, it will be marked with an (M); otherwise, it will be marked with an (L), which identifies it as a land line.


Demographics: Displays demographic information regarding the patient’s setup date and address


Insurance: Displays information regarding the patient’s primary and secondary (if applicable) plans


Orders: Toggling between the icons in the upper right gives two different listings:

  • Orders: Displays all orders received from billing data
  • Supplies: Displays all supplies the patient has had in their history


Comments: A listing of all comments associated with a patient created by users and by the system


Contact history:  A historical account of all contact attempts to a patient and details about patient responses during successful connections


If a patient has an open task, an indicator to ‘View Open Task’ appears on the left-hand side of the patient’s record to navigate to the task.


If a patient does not have an open task, an indicator to ‘Add Order’ appears on the left-hand side for creating new orders manually.


Any updates made to a patient’s record in medSage should also be made in

billing data.

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