Transforming healthcare one defining moment at a time

Transforming healthcare one defining moment at a time

    Enterprise imaging solution

    Every day, healthcare leaders are managing more data from more devices across a growing number of care settings for larger populations. Philips is leveraging deep clinical expertise and meaningful innovations to deliver connected, secure and meaningful informatics solutions across clinical and operational departments to empower the people behind the data.

    Explore our solutions that foster collaboration and optimize workflows, shortening the path to precise decisions. We partner with healthcare providers, IT and clinical teams across the enterprise, helping them to produce meaningful, data-driven insights for clinical and operational decision-making, as well as to adopt innovations through the use of maturity models​ to drive digital transformation.
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    DIAM: A strategic roadmap to digital imaging maturity

    DIAM, and other HIMSS Analytics Maturity Model frameworks were built to assist organizations around the globe to efficiently and effectively adopt and get the most out of their technology. To guide organizations along the way, HIMSS Analytics Certified Organizations have been professionally trained on the maturity model(s) and are able to effectively educate and guide you as you progress through the maturity model stages.

    Philips is a Certified Organization for the HIMSS Analytics DIAM.

    Control risk

    Investing in an enterprise informatics solution shouldn't be a risk. We back our performance claims with a 99.99% uptime guarantee for critical systems, and unlimited licenses and modality connections that make it easy to scale or adapt your solution whenever your enterprise changes. We also make our innovations available to you as part of your plan, to keep you on the cutting edge.

    Manage cost

    We offer both managed service and capital budget approaches, both with full cost transparency and outstanding service.


    Our managed service model is unique in the industry. You only pay for the studies and volumes that you archive and use. Our fee-per-study (FPS) pricing is based on the total volume commitment – so the more total studies you do with us over the life of the contract, the lower the FPS.

    Built on a solid foundation

    When you have a solid foundation, you are prepared to build and grow, no matter what changes the future holds. Philips Enterprise Imaging Solution is built on a foundation of interoperability, cybersecurity, and servicing and monitoring, to keep your informatics solution connected, secure, and performing as it should.


    Philips Enterprise Imaging Solution offers a full suite of innovative solutions and a single point of integration with your existing infrastructure (like your EMR). This enables a single, comprehensive patient view across care settings.

    Because your data is both varied and complex, we design our solution components based on industry standards whenever possible.


    Our solution employs the latest security updates and can encrypt data in-transit to protect personal health information from unauthorized disclosure. To document compliance with government and industry regulations, we issue detailed patching reports that identify patching activity.

    Serviceability and monitoring

    To enhance efficiency, keep your solution up to date, and simplify operations, we employ a suite of serviceability and monitoring solutions. This includes proactively detecting and resolving potential issues before they impact you and providing timely upgrades.

    Enterprise imaging solution

    When healthcare providers and manufacturers met at a KLAS Keystone Summit, they identified five core functions of an enterprise imaging solution1: capture, storage, viewing, interoperability/image exchange and analytics. Philips Enterprise Imaging Solution offers functionalities to support your needs end-to-end.

    Click the functions mentioned below to see more.


    Acquisition portal

    Capture images across departments, modalities and file formats using existing systems, mobile and remote devices, video, document scanners and more — with vendor-neutral support for future imaging technologies.

    • Mobile capture
    • Zero-footprint image acquisition
    • Image tagging
    IntelliSpace Image Capture
    • A more complete image record for a holistic patient view
    • Capture and store medical photography efficiently
    • Integrates unscheduled point-of-care imaging
    • Upload images from other media (CDs, etc.)
    • DICOM image sharing between different PACS systems


    Clinical repository

    Smart lifecycle management provides storage and access beyond individual episodes of care. Tiered archives optimize performance for the currently relevant data. Hosted cloud solutions give enterprises a path forward.

    • Intelligent lifecycle management
    • XDS full compliance
    • Data migration
    • Business continuity
    • Disaster recovery
    • Comprehensive, unified, efficient


    Consolidate your diagnostic and reporting tools in a single workspace, eliminating the need to purchase, configure, maintain and train users on multiple workstations. Our web-enabled diagnostic viewer has all the advanced workflow, visualization and reporting tools that diagnosticians need to work efficiently, with all relevant information at their fingertips.
    • Provide diagnosticians with an advanced multifunctional workspace that consolidates multiple specialty workstations for ease of use and lower total cost of ownership.
    • Enhance the quality of complex screening and chronic follow-up with a semi-automated tracking module.
    • Improve diagnostic confidence and increase referrals with native multimedia interactive reporting.


    Quickly and securely deliver the right clinical images to any authorized stakeholder including clinicians, patients, payers and administrators. Our medical image sharing solutions remove the barriers of technology, location and even mobility to improve healthcare delivery, lower costs and provide a better care experience in any setting.
    • Empower patients to better understand their health status and participate in care decisions.
    • Deliver images to mobile devices at the bedside, in the clinic, in remote locations — practically anywhere.


    PerformanceBridge offers an integrated, scalable portfolio of innovative technology, analytics and professional services which empower hospital departments to improve their performance and build a program for continuous improvement.

    Additional resources

    imaging platform data migration whitepaper
    Are you worried about data migrations?
    Most healthcare organizations will need to upgrade their departmental silos to enterprise imaging solutions to stay up to date with current best practices. Everyone involved in a migration project will likely face 10 fears.
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    Consolidate data with Enterprise repository
    Are you looking for consolidating all existing archives of clinical imaging data in a single repository? Learn how successfully integrate different technologies, sites, and archives, from the radiology department to across the enterprise. The Enterprise Repository contribute to an enterprise-level effort to consolidate clinical information for the foundation of your enterprise-wide Imaging Health Record.
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    Engaging patients
    Are you looking for differentiate services by giving patients direct, visual insight into their health status and treatment progress? Learn how closer patient collaboration leads to better care giving the patients a more active role in their own healthcare which includes the ability to view, manage and share their diagnostic images and exam reports.
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    Enterprise Imaging vision

    automatic system optimizations video thumbnail
    Automatic system optimizations to reduce the burden on staff.
    Keeping patient privacy at heart the heart of patient care video
    Keeping patient privacy at the heart of patient care.
    Discover IntelliSpace Radiology with Advanced Mammography

    Supporting services

    Clinicians in a consult


    Customized, patient-centric strategies and programs designed to help healthcare leaders achieve sustainable, market-leading results.
    Clinician testing a patient


    Meaningful learning for enhanced patience care. Philips Healthcare Education delivers comprehensive, clinically relevant courses, learning paths, and programs designed to help you enhance operational efficiency and deliver high quality patient care. 

    Our portfolio extensions

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    Advanced visualization
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    Cardiology informatics
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    Precision medicine
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    Radiology informatics

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