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A powerful asset management solution


    Driven by the strict ISO-55001 asset management quality process, InfoView helps you make more confident resource decisions, designed specifically for the clinical assets of your health systems.

    InfoView was created exclusively for healthcare, to help you manage, monitor and control clinical assets across your hospital or health system. Because we understand medical equipment and the environment you operate in, we don’t measure success in the number of assets managed, but rather how we can help your healthcare organization meet its financial and operational goals with a solution that extends beyond the software.


    Our support services are delivered by health technology experts and designed to help you get up and running quickly, by both standardizing your asset data and understanding your key metrics needed to effectively track performance. Decision-making becomes faster, more confident and backed by data. After implementation, we continue to partner with you to enable sustainable improvements year after year.

    Philips InfoView

    See how InfoView asset management solution can successfully help manage your medical equipment and other important healthcare assets.

    Top Service features

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    Standardization of asset data enabling comprehensive insights
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    Powerful, real-time business intelligence and reporting
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    Fully customizable dashboards to track and report on your KPI's
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    Mobile, cloud-based platform with an intuitive interface
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    ISO-55001 asset management standard (ANAB-certified)
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    Supported by deep staff expertise in health technology management 


    Key challenge

    Need to manage costs and downtime, while improving your team’s operational efficiencies


    Key Philips solution

    Access to clear, actionable data can enable confident decision-making


    Result for customer

    Optimized management of operating assets and enhanced operations



    Result for patients

    Positive impact in patient satisfaction through improved patient flow

    Offerings based on customers' needs

    Effective asset management starts with good data, and ends by demonstrating real value. We work with you to integrate your existing or legacy CMMS database seamlessly into InfoView, standardizing your data. The cloud-based InfoView tool makes reporting and planning management of your assets simple.


    With robust reporting and easy-to-read dashboards, InfoView speeds your decision-making by giving actionable insight to inform and improve. Using data to guide your actions, you can be more confident in your day-to-day choices, as well as use that data to more effectively plan for capital investments.


    We work as partners with our customers to confirm the platform is delivering tangible, measurable results for the health system. A customer engagement program, including regular post-sale meetings, can help your team navigate true change management. For customers who need customized reporting or functionality, InfoView is scalable to meet your future needs

    Services that consistently prove their value

    Current needs

    Flexible tools that can be customized for your assets

    Proactive needs

    Cloud-based infrastructure makes scaling seamless

    Predictive needs

    Robust dashboards and analytics enable informed decisions

    Standard features

    InfoView software platform
    InfoView software platform
    Standard application modules as part of basic platform; dashboards and reporting; mobile version
    Standardization of data
    Standardization of data
    Delivery and implementation of national standards requirements; data accuracy evaluation; and data scrubbing
    Data import service
    Data import service
    Migration of customer asset data from existing and legacy CMMS systems
    Software licenses
    Software licenses
    License keys for InfoView users; available for any credentialed user (including C-suite and directors)

    Optional features

    Asset inventory
    Asset inventory
    A physical inventory of assets on-site and tagging
    Module customization
    Module customization
    Customized software module development per request
    Software integration
    Software integration
    Integration of additional customer data sources
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    Annual audit of customer quality assurance operations and reporting

    InfoView standard software modules

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    Work order management
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    PM management
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    Asset management
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    Risk assessment
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    Resource productivity management
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    Vendor management
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    Purchased services management
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    Training management
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    Technical support

    Simplifying the complexities of managing clinical assets

    InfoView is easy to use, easy to access, helping to make reporting and customizing simple.


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    For healthcare systems by a health-tech company

    While standalone CMMS vendors deliver software, our focus in on delivering value. Software that can be used from cafeterias to cath labs may not have the clinical foundation needed to make a difference in your bottom line. InfoView was created by a healthcare company, exclusively for health systems.

    Support throughout the relationship

    Our medical equipment service professionals have the technical expertise to optimize your data, and the healthcare experience to consult on-site in your biomed department. We are committed to providing strong, ongoing support from pre-implementation through post-implementation.

    Benchmarking against national standards

    Insights are only as good as the data used to support them. Unique to Philips, InfoView provides performance benchmarking against a national standard, and across our installed base, in addition to your asset pool. Because we are tracking dozens of asset data points—down to the equipment model level—your performance feedback is validated outside your hospital network.

    Easy transition, easy to use
    From our software integration to our support services, every step of the process is designed to make your transition to InfoView hassle-free. Our health technology experts manage data migration from your old system, and train you and your staff on the new platform, so you are up and running as soon as possible. Our dashboard interfaces are easy to read and interpret, and are customizable to deliver the information you need.

    Customized to fit your needs

    We take a partnership approach to our customer relationships, working hand-in-hand with you to deliver value from your CMMS. Flexible and consultative, we are often able to customize our offering to meet your specific needs.

    Resources  to support your

    Philips InfoView
    Learn more about InfoView, a powerful asset management tool



    Reliable access to functional equipment with less downtime
    Increased efficiency, productivity and effectiveness with a single source of asset data
    Greater insight into financial impact of administrative overhead and unplanned maintenance
    Easily accessed data and reporting across all assets, with clear areas for action
    Growth and expansion
    User data-driven business intelligence to inform capital planning and future investment
    Demonstrated ROI against the financial goals of your system or network

    Why choose InfoView

    [Software only providers offered] no PM procedures, no model numbers, no standardization across our sites and minimal support to help us. It is like purchasing a database system rather than a biomedical engineering solution."

    - Biomedical director

    Value and smart investing

    Most CMMS vendors make claims of reducing costs by better managing your assets. However software alone isn’t always enough to create measurable change and savings. We focus on the value of that data, helping you make sense of it and get insights that offer a clear path forward to improvement and cost savings. From the breadth and depth of asset data we capture, to the national standards we benchmark against, to the ongoing support our staff provides, our goal is to help you get the most out of your investment.


    InfoView helps you:

    • Reduce the cost of managing and operating assets, unplanned maintenance activity and administrative overhead associated
    • Make repair/replace decisions on existing assets with real data to back it up
    • Make informed asset investment decisions to better allocate resources and optimize asset inventory
    • Improve your asset and labor utilization
    • Get clear, concise lifecycle planning information to meet the strategic and financial goals of your organization

    Easy to start, easy to scale

    • Subscription model — Costs for InfoView software and support services are determined by tailoring the agreement to your needs and size
    • Fixed price — Unlike other CMMS vendors, we do not charge customers for additional functionality that should be standard, or reduce features to fit you into a certain price point
    • Scales seamlessly – Built on the platform, InfoView can easily scale to meet your growing operations
    • Portable – InfoView is available either as a stand-alone platform or as part of a comprehensive service agreement
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