Oncology informatics

Revealing timely, actionable insights for precision cancer care

The complexity of cancer care will only increase, due to advances in diagnostics and treatment and a focus on targeted, personalized care. Clinicians are committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for each patient while they themselves navigate the increasing volume of patients and data, complicated tumor characterization, expanding treatment options and clinical trials.
Our oncology informatics solutions provide the right information at the right time, enabling early detection, precise diagnosis and accurate staging; empowering clinical decisions with timely, actionable data, ensuring evidence-based, personalized decisions, guide treatment precisely and timely therapy assessment.

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Unlock the full possibilities of precision medicine in cancer care

Philips adds radiology, pathology, clinical informatics, cardiology informatics, data management and interoperability solutions to deliver access to better healthcare for patients everywhere, by providing enterprise and community caregivers with patient centric insights, advanced workflow tools and shared best practices towards precision diagnosis and optimal treatment decisions. Watch our video to learn more about our vision.

Cancer screening programs

Enabling early detection of cancer

Philips innovative solutions help ensure that cancer screening programs and incidental findings management are efficient and accurate. The sooner a diagnosis is made and the best treatment pathway determined, the more likely the opportunity for a better prognosis and outcome. We bring care teams together, streamline patient and workflow management and provide improved image interpretation for nodule characterization for correct follow-up, reducing the number of false-positive findings.

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Bring efficiency to oncology and pathology workflows   

Philips Genomics Workspace is a cloud-based solution that brings together patient genomic data with disease histology, clinical phenotype, treatment options, and clinical trials for a comprehensive biomarker-informed view These results are then integrated back our Multi-Disciplinary Tumor Board and the EMR. It brings clinical efficiency to workflow, from genomics report ingestion through tertiary analysis, including personalized therapy, clinical trial matching and treatment plan, molecular and multidisciplinary tumor boards and database searches. 

Empowering clinical decisions

Empowering clinical decisions with timely and actionable data 

Enable a quick, efficient, consistent and data-driven diagnostic process with Philips solutions. Liberate data and connect insights across systems and applications (such as medical imaging, AI, advanced visualization, image-guided biopsy, digital pathology and genomics) through secure, vendor-neutral and cloud-based solutions. Enhance the patient experience and allows for the best possible outcome for patients while reducing the staff burden and lowering the costs of care.

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Facilitate evidence-based, personalized treatment selection

Provide the multi-disciplinary oncology care team with a comprehensive view of the patient to determine the next steps in the patient’s care pathway. Philips solutions help make data relevant, accessible and actionable across specialties by uniting information from disparate data sources--across domains and providers, from Philips systems and from other vendors, and including electronic medical records, lab systems, pathology, radiology and genomics. 

Key capabilities

  • Prostate cancer care

    Discover a clear path for prostate cancer care with Philips comprehensive urology solutions to guide you through every step of the patient journey

  • Expand early detection of lung cancer

    Philips meets the challenges inherent to lung screening programs with an extensive suite of products and services. Optimizing time and lung screening workflow efficiency with the advanced visualization tools, our software solutions are designed to help you and your clinical team implement a leading-edge lung screening program.

  • Philips Healthcare for clarity on the cancer care journey

    Philips helps bring more clarity at every moment of cancer care through streamlined multidisciplinary workflows and integrated patient data. See how.

  • Integrated Diagnostics

    Unleash the power of fully integrated solutions. Discover our user-friendly, clinically proven portfolio of integrated diagnostic informatics solutions.

  • Healthcare informatics

    Uncover the top challenges in healthcare informatics and healthcare IT and discover new tools and solutions. We partner with you to deliver solutions that help transform your health system.

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Oncology pathway, Multidisciplinary Orchestrator, Lung Cancer Orchestrator and Genomics Workspace are not intended for diagnosis use or treatment selection and to be considered as non medical devices

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