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    Intellispace Cognition


    Philips IntelliSpace Cognition is a digital cognitive assessment tool that helps neurologists gain insight into their patients' cognition, empowering them to make more appropriate referral and treatment decisions. 

    It’s easy to get started and take your in-office assessments to the next level.

    Intellispace cognition

    • 45 minute cognitive assessments
    • Objective, validated results
    • Tracking of cognitive performance
    • Reimbursable

    Gaining access to the right cognitive insights at the right time can be challenging and time-consuming.

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    of neurologists use only simple paper screeners such as MoCA or MMSE, to assess cognition.This may not provide sufficient information.2

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    of neuropsychological reports take between 5 to 16 weeks.1

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    of neurologists report that waiting times for neuropsychological assessments can negatively impact optimal treatment.1

    But with the instant, validated, easy-to-read results of IntelliSpace Cognition,

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    75% of neurologists

    said that using this tool could increase their confidence in making correct referral decisions for neuropsychological assessment.2

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    92% of neurologists

    thought the tool would be appealing to
    use within their practice.2

    Our customers agree – IntelliSpace Cognition works for them and their patients.

    It is easy to use and supports a streamlined workflow. Assessments are scored immediately and stored in the cloud for later review. This is all tremendously valuable.”

    Dr. Nandor Pinter, Dent Neurologic Institute, NY

    It’s like having a perfect assistant in the room. The battery of tests allows for a very good balance of insights about cognitive functions.”

    Dr. Yvette Feis, Neuropsychologist, NY

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    By using ISC as an assessment tool, DENT Neurologic Institute was better able to prioritize a neuropsychologist’s time for patients with more complex cases.

    The result: twice as many patients were able to receive cognitive testing.

    How IntelliSpace Cognition works

    Patient performs assessment on tablet

    Patient performs assessment on a tablet


    The assessment consists of a battery of cognitive tests. Minimal supervision is needed, and practices can deploy any healthcare provider, including medical assistants, to supervise.

    Input is analyzed, scored and presented as results

    Input is analyzed, scored and presented as results


    Powerful cloud-based software analyzes the inputs, scores the tests, and compares them against healthy norms. Then the proprietary algorithms analyze results and instantaneously map them onto cognitive domains. 

    Results inform diagnosis and track cognition over time

    Results inform diagnosis and track cognition over time


    Longitudinal tracking is included in reports at both the individual test level and as cognitive domains. Reports can be exported and appended to the EHR.

    How Philips IntelliSpace Cognition can support social distancing


    Computerized cognitive testing has become even more relevant in the current  environment of increased infection risk. See how IntelliSpace Cognition can be utilized along with social distancing and telehealth.

    See our pricing plans and buy now

    Getting started with Intellispace Cognition is easy and quick. The clinician portal is web-based, so all you need is an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil for patient testing.


    Choose the plan that is right for your practice. There are no startup fees and no commitment.

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    Contact us to learn more about Intellispace Cognition

    Contact us to learn more about Intellispace Cognition

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    Downloads & References

    1. Based on normative data collected from healthy US-based volunteers (N=300) ages 50 to 80, 2019.

    2. MarkeTech Group, Davis, CA. Study of 75 neurologists with clinical practices, commissioned by Philips 2018.

    3. Ranson and Langa, Predictors of dementia misclassification when using brief cognitive assessments, Neurology practice month 2010 volume 9 no. 1-19

    4. Based on a 2019 Philips study with 100 neurologists.

    5. Based on a 2020 Philips study with 90 neurologists.

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