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Why Philips for patient monitoring?

Philips Patient Monitoring system is designed to help you enhance patient care and improve clinical performance. This comprehensive solution fits securely into your hospital’s IT environment to capture timely patient data and feed it securely to your EMR. So you have virtually gap-free patient data to make informed clinical decisions.


Our solution is designed to help you:

  • Identify patients in need – early
  • Support caregivers on the go
  • Close the gap in patient information
  • Deliver consistent quality care – efficiently
  • Make the most of your IT investment
  • Get the ongoing support you need to succeed


With Philips Patient Monitoring solution, you can confidently deliver quality care everywhere it matters. Watch our brief video to learn how or download our infographic.

Patient Monitoring Video
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Patient safety in critical condition

A need for more complete patient data

Patient safety continues to be a major priority within the healthcare industry, specifically for physician and nurse leaders. In an effort to understand the industry’s top concerns with patient safety, Philips commissioned a survey which looks at what physician and nurse leaders in the U.S. consider their top concerns and threats in patient safety.
PM Deep Dive


This information reaffirms how patient safety is not just a priority for the healthcare industry, but also a major concern, and how the use of technology can help address the challenges faced by physicians and nurses.

PM Deep Dive

In the moment: clinical decision support systems

clinical decision support systems thumbnail

From algorithms designed to support category-leading precision, to configurable screens and multi-parameter alarming, the Philips patient monitoring portfolio equips physicians, nurses, clinicians and care teams with trustworthy data.


This data maps to displays formatted for at-a-glance viewing of clinically relevant information that healthcare teams can readily analyze. Decision support applications can aid in early detection of patients at risk of deterioration and foster prompt intervention. This can accelerate decision-making by facilitating appropriate responses, whether the call is made from the point of care or another floor, from the road or from home. Data extracted with these applications can also help inform initiatives to improve alarm fatigue.

Recent announcement

Philips and Masimo partner in patient monitoring and select therapy solutions

Sensor and signal processing technologies are an essential component of patient monitoring solutions, and Masimo is a prolific innovator in this field.  In 2016 Philips and Masimo signed a multi-year business partnership agreement in patient monitoring and select therapy solutions. View the video to learn more.

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