Transforming care delivery

Improving the lives of billions isn’t impossible

When you connect data, technology and people, seemingly impossible things become possible. Patient outcomes improve, hospital staff satisfaction goes up, and the cost of care goes down.


Let’s make healthcare better, together.

Future Health Index 2019

What is the impact of digital health technology on the way healthcare professionals and patients experience healthcare?

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Transforming healthcare can’t wait

An efficient, patient-centered ecosystem is one where you can deliver the right care, at the right time, in the right place. An enterprise-wide interoperability strategy can help to transform the delivery of healthcare for everyone. 

COPD Care Pathways
Let’s connect care, everywhere

See how Philips helped hospital systems across Alabama reduce readmission rates and acute to post-acute care-associated costs by integrating care pathways of 900 COPD patients.

Emergency Department process improvement
Let’s figure out the future of healthcare today

A collaborative approach to increasing emergency department process efficiency can have a significant impact on patient throughput and patient and staff satisfaction.
Emergency Department process improvement

Seamless telehealth solutions for optimized critical care


Discover how Baptist Health South Florida is using our eICU solution to connect critical care teams for uninterrupted treatment, regardless of location.

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Cardiovascular care
Seamless care pathways.
Optimized length of stay.

Explore an integrated cardiology ecosystem of data and devices working together to help you provide efficient and effective cardiac care in the most appropriate setting.

Explore the benefits of integrated cardiovascular care

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At Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, they are treating cardiovascular patients in the least invasive way possible, saving costs and getting patients back home as quickly as possible1.

Connected diagnostics. Seamless treatment.

Radiology is an essential driver of today's healthcare enterprise, with many other departments relying on radiological expertise for diagnostic accuracy.

Technology that adapts.
People who benefit.

Every day, healthcare moves forward. Yet even the most advanced networks can be more integrated and future-proof. 
Hear Vitor Rocha, Chief Market Leader of Philips North America, discuss how telehealth is transforming healthcare, and how Philips is on the forefront of connected care.
Vitor Rocha
Augusta University Partnership
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Five years ago, Philips entered into a long-term strategic partnership with Augusta Health University.  See the latest example of how this partnership continues to innovate and help improve diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer through the use of a hybrid OR.

Building partnerships.
Breaking barriers.

We work in partnership with health systems to help drive innovation, support their financial and operational goals, and enable their transformation in a value-driven era. The result can be both operational excellence and more connected, predictive and personalized care delivery.


Vitor Rocha, Philips NA CEO, on how telehealth can help improve patient access to care, no matter where they are.

Cardiovascular care


Our cardiovascular care solutions help health systems meet the demands of a growing cardiovascular disease population inside and outside the hospital. Diagnostic innovations enable minimally invasive image-guided therapies, while integrated data and advanced informatics deliver a comprehensive view of a patient’s history. Patient monitoring solutions keep watch on the general ward and help detect patient deterioration earlier. Population health analytics help identify at-risk cardiac populations and ambulatory telehealth programs help monitor patients at home to reduce readmissions.



Our monitoring solutions go beyond measurements to address the broader challenges of health systems in keeping watch over patients continuously. Designed to enable virtually anywhere, anytime visibility into a patient’s condition, our patient monitoring products and clinical decision support tools deliver a more connected user experience while streamlining workflow with automated information flows. Our monitoring solutions integrate seamlessly into your IT infrastructure and deliver the data security you need.



Our range of diagnostic imaging systems and software are designed to produce high quality images, improve efficiency and enable a better patient experience. From CT and MR to X-ray and ultrasound, our entire imaging portfolio aims to give care providers the right image at the right time, to support a faster, more confident diagnosis. Beyond the image, our imaging equipment includes advanced technologies that can increase repeatability while improving image clarity.

Healthcare informatics


Our healthcare informatics solutions aim to transform large amounts clinical data into integrated information that can help guide patient care throughout your enterprise. Our informatics solutions streamline management and analysis of patient data from imaging systems, patient monitors and cardiac testing equipment, while enhancing clinical pathways and aiding workflow. By connecting hospital information systems, you gain easy access to aggregated data across the patient care continuum, helping you to gain visibility into the overall health of a patient and proactively manage population health.

Clinical applications


To solve some of the most pressing clinical challenges in patient care, we offer a range of clinical applications that bring together hardware, software, technologies and services that can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs. From dose management to alarm fatigue, to integrated interventional therapies, we’ve designed solutions that help address clinical issues holistically by combining tools as well as the training, education and change management to deliver better outcomes. 

Consulting & services


Our teams bring a deep expertise many aspects of healthcare, from clinical excellence, workflow optimization and patient experience, to equipment maintenance and staff training and education. Around your hospital and across your health system our people can enhance your operations, financial performance and care delivery to benefit staff experience and patient care. Day-to-day, we help keep you up and running, and operating at peak performance. 

Diagnostic technologies


Digital advancements in healthcare hold great promise for improving diagnostic speed and confidence, as well as the most appropriate path for treatment. Our digital diagnostic solutions span analytics and informatics, and digital imagery and genomic data—all to enable a more informed and accurate patient-centric diagnosis.

Population health


Our population health management programs help drive quality improvement, revenue growth and business transformation for providers, health systems, employers and payers on a single, comprehensive platform. Our data platform aggregates patient data across networks and disparate systems and analyzes that data into a single, actionable patient record. Care management and patient activation programs helps health systems complete their transition to value-based care.
1 Results are specific to the institution where they were obtained and may not reflect the results achievable at other institutions.

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