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Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer 9100

Laser-guided beard trimmer, Series 9000

Ultimate precision

Experience ultimate control with an exclusive laser guide, allowing you to create the exact look you want with total confidence.

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Ultimate precision

The only beard trimmer with a laser guide

  • 0.2mm precision settings
  • Full metal dual-sided trimmer
  • 60mins cordless use/1h charge
  • with laser guide

Use the unique laser guide for precise, symmetric results

The unique laser guidance system projects a sharp line of light to pre-align your style before you trim. It will point out where the hairs will be cut so you get it right every time.

The zoom wheel 'locks in' your chosen length setting

To select your preferred trim length, just turn the zoom wheel on the handle until the length you want is displayed. Your chosen length is now 'locked in' for a precise and even trim.

Dual-sided reversible trimmer for ultimate versatility

The dual-sided reversible trimmer gives you the versatility to create your unique look. On one side, the 1 17/64" (32mm) high-performance trimmer cuts very close while protecting your skin. On the other side, the 5/8" (15mm) precision trimmer creates a detailed look, even in those hard-to-reach areas like under the nose and around the mouth. The trimmer's small size and angled design make it easy to see what you are doing for accurate fine lines and details.

Skin-friendly, high-performance blades for the perfect trim

Water-resistant for easy cleaning

Detail comb for precision, and beard comb for control

The LED display clearly shows your chosen length setting

2 year warranty, worldwide voltage and no need to oil

60 minutes cordless use after a 1-hour charge, or plug it in

LED display shows the battery level

Set length to 1/64” (0.4mm) for perfect stubble every day

Technical Specifications
  • Precision

    Length Settings

    17 Length from 0.4 mm to 7 mm

  • Accessories


    Cleaning brush

    Beard comb


    Detail Comb