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Dynamic modeling system provides detailed, data-driven proposal to increase patient throughput


While Lowell General Hospital (LGH) was in the midst of a major construction project – building a five-story patient tower, expanding the ER, adding operating rooms, and installing a new CT scanner – the hospital’s radiology department took the opportunity to strategically partner with Philips to improve their CT workflow and patient throughput.

Lowell dynamic modeling system

Philips helped Lowell General Hospital identify performance improvement

solutions for their Radiology Department.

"Philips offered us a continuum of process improvements we could work with. With some very simple things we could do early on, and some more challenging things that would take us a little bit longer to fully implement. They worked with us every step of the way and provided a great end product.”

- Judy Canal, Director of Imaging Services

Lowell General Hospital

Our approach


Our consulting team leveraged constraint-based modeling capabilities to identify improvement opportunities within the complexities and interdependencies of the LGH facilities, processes, and CT staff. As a result, they clearly understood the constraints and root causes behind each contributing factor.


The radiology workflow simulation tool enabled Philips to create a virtual CT workflow environment and construct various future-state scenarios to determine the potential current and future impact of each variable.


The team reviewed the scenarios and impact with the below in mind:


  • What if work volume increased?
  • What if LGH decided to add a dressing room?
  • What if LGH incorporated an intravenous prep room for patients?


Using this dynamic modeling system, the consulting team was able to quickly provide the answers and communicate the benefits of proposed changes.

Data analytics

On-site observations and data analysis determinethe operational baseline, which is used as an input to thepatient flow simulation.

Simulation image

Data input flow through a mapped process results inthe identification of operational constraints in various scenarios.

"The expertise and collaborative approach, along with the sophistication of the tool itself overlaid on typical radiology operations, provided valuable information for our department and staff to use in a very practical way,” says Ms. Canal. “Philips was instrumental in helping us pinpoint our CT workflow problems and streamline our process.”

- Judy Canal, Director of Imaging Services

Lowell General Hospital



The team provided a detailed, data-driven proposal for CT workflow improvement for Lowell General Hospital administrators. It was well received. Patient process changes were implemented, including workflow and examination schedule adjustments.


Within three months of making these changes – some simple and some complex – LGH improved patient throughput issues, streamlined daily processes, and improved CT workflow*.

Streamlining CT workflow

lowell image

Improved patient throughtput within 3 months

lowell1 image

Streamlined daily processes

lowell2 image

Improved CT workflow

*Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

Lowell General Hospital logo

Where: Lowell General Hospital, Lowell, Massachusetts, USA


What: Gain a clear understanding of the hospital’s existing CT workflow to develop more efficient processes and support the delivery of quality care.


How: Philips utilized a radiology workflow simulation tool to analyze existing CT processes and develop both current- and future-state representations of the environment.


Results: After implementing recommendations, Lowell General improved CT workflow and streamlined daily processes. Processes leading to increased patient throughput and higher staff productivity.*

Meet our team

Mel Allen

Mel Allen, JD, MBA, FACHE

Principal and Practice Operations Lead

Mel brings decades of experience in healthcare management with expertise in radiology, cardiology, oncology, hospital performance improvement, and health law. He helps clients improve operational performance and enhance the patient experience.

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