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    Continuous Learning is vital for caring profession operations

    As we accelerate towards digital transformation, the people behind the machines can sometimes get forgotten or left behind. And yet, the best technological solutions won’t make the impact that’s hoped for it, if the people operating and using them haven’t been taught how to use them to achieve their outcomes.

    Research has shown that stakeholders who invest in the right mix of skills can help accelerate digital transformation while achieving a happy, motivated workforce. And, of course, learning isn’t a nice to have. It’s a mandatory for effective care.

    Read the article below to understand the need for continuing education in healthcare.

    "We can’t care for patients properly, if we don’t invest in the health of our professionals. This means also committing to feeding their minds. A healthy workforce is essential to enabling healthy populations.

    World Health Organization

    The challenge of rolling out education on continuous basis

    Rolling out training/education services across large health systems, with growing organizational and technological complexity, can be daunting and is often perceived as costly.

    • How do you design and roll out an educational programme to train thousands of staff without disrupting key health services?
    • What education delivery methods best suit the training objectives you have in mind?
    • How can you make sure that your training is future-focused, upskilling the workforce of now and the future.

    Key Challenges

    Thirty percent

    Very busy schedule - hard to insufficient time for trainings.

    Twenty-eight percent

    One stop shop digital platform with all technical related education needed.

    Twenty-four percent

    Increase of cost and budget restrictions no funds for education.

    Twenty-three percent

    Knowledge fades over time don't perform often enough so forgotten.

    Twenty-one percent

    High staff turnover difficulty in getting new technical staff educated.

    Source: GemSeek Global Market Study 2020

    The continuous Philips learning journey

    Knowledge, competencies and skills matched to your needs

    Every individual learner’s journey is strategic, relevant, personalized, targeted, impactful and rewarding.

    Our knowledgeable team will work with you to carefully select courses and learning activities and arrange them in a sequence that best enhances your learning based on your needs and requirements.

    The topics are based on the healthcare professional’s preferred style of learning, such as e-learning or virtual or in-person instructor led courses, and you can bypass topics already familiar. Upon completion of a Learning Path, you will have more confidence that you have mastered the knowledge and skills of the technology or clinical specialty covered.

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    Our education programs

    Clinical Excellence Agreement

    Your need for clinical support doesn’t end when your warranty expires. Choose the level of service that fits your needs and know exactly what you’re entitled to with our multi-year term agreement.

    On Demand Clinical Support

    With on Demand Clinical Support, your staff can collaborate with clinical experts in realtime to build their confidence and help accelerate adoption of advanced technology.

    Continuing Education Programs

    The demands of today’s healthcare environment are changing daily, along with your need to control costs, streamline workflow, and improve patient care.

    To help you meet these challenges - Philips, in collaboration with top vendors, is now offering several continuing education modules that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

    Flexible Solutions

    Select any combination of services, courses and learning formats. Work alongside a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager to create custom programs for your staff that range from novice to advanced.

    Want to know more? Let’s talk

    Discover and access our education courses

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    With over 1,000 comprehensive courses, programs and continuous learning paths - designed for physicians, clinicians, nurses, technologists, biomedical engineers, IT professionals and a broad range of other clinical roles - there are continuous learning opportunities for all.

    Simply choose by profession, product, or clinical specialty area to explore our courses below.

    Why learn at Philips?

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    Relevant with role and
    competency-based programs

    Many programs are organized around role-based competencies, to help you and your staff be more effective and effcient in their role. Philips Learning Paths can be customized to bypass topics already familiar to the learner.

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    We continually measure the effectiveness of our training programs in terms of learner knowledge improvements, workflow improvements, achieved competencies, and other factors that may enhance patient care.

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    Knowledgeable, expert

    All our education programs are delivered by our knowledgeable and highly professional education specialists and instructors located around the world, enabling learners to access education in their own languages and tailored to their local requirements.

    How do we deliver  Continuous Education to your organization?

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    On-site Education

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    Online Education

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    Off-site Education

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    Remote Education

    Clinical Education Symposiums

    Make the most of your investment with clinical education symposiums to help enhance capabilities and deliver quality patient care.

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