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Supporting you with peripheral practice and patient resources

    Philips continues to provide streamlined solutions to support you, your practice, and your patients. Our comprehensive resource library is organized to help you easily find the resources you need the most. Designed to offer product, procedural and patient education, in addition to tools for enhanced operational efficiency and practice acceleration, our meaningful resource center is your one-stop shop for seamless support.

    Resources for your practice

    As an industry leader, Philips understands that generating momentum and improving operational efficiencies for the practice is critical to your success. We have assembled tools and resources to help with outreach and practice workflow.

    Resources for you

    Conquer the latest technology, gain in-depth knowledge of clinical procedures and master industry best practices with these resources.

    Resources for your patients

    Increase disease state awareness and help improve patient satisfaction by leveraging these patient educational tools.
    Patient education
    Patient education
    Doctor finder registration
    Physician locator tool

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